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‘Riverdale’ 3×08: Choni makes a big move in “Outbreak”

Riverdale 3×08, Season 3, Episode 08, “Chapter Forty-Three: Outbreak,” Aired Dec. 12, 2018 

Before we talk about Choni, let’s look at the episode. There was lot going on (per usual) in that Riverdale episode! Archie and Jughead made it to Toledo and we met Mama Jones and little bad-ass JB. A mass seizure, hazmat dudes and more Lodge drama than we ever needed were all also major points in the episode.

In addition to this, Archie made a big hair switch and decided to stay on the run. We are thankful that Fred got to see his boy and help him – and we are loving the new dark haired Archie!

Jughead and FP try to go back to town, but it’s on lock down! It seems the crooked Governor has ordered that the town be quarantined (after some urging from Hiram and Hermione).

Betty escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy with Ethel’s help (and some epic cosplay) and we learned that the Gargoyle King and G&G were tools used by the Sisters as a way to control the patients. (sigh.)

Even with all of that drama, there was a bright spot in the Riverdale fall finale involving Choni! Following the mass seizure we mentioned above, Cheryl needed to nurse her Toni back to health. Toni is worried that Cheryl might “catch” whatever caused the seizure, but Cheryl refuses to leave her side.

As they snuggle in bed, Toni insists she is fine, but Cheryl won’t have any of it. She tells Toni that her bed is Toni’s bed and then asks her to move in! It’s a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and eerie episode and we LOVE. IT.

Cheryl even helps Veronica confront the parents of Riverdale because they messed with her squad (and her love). This is a side of Cheryl we didn’t see much of before, but it’s such a great shift in her character. Her family was fucked up, so seeing her in love and seeing her fight to protect the people she loves is amazing.

So even if Riverdale sinks in a pit of maple syrup and fizzle rocks, at least we have Choni’s love to make it all better as they move in together and take things to the next level! Choni deserves that world and we are so happy to see this latest development in their love story!

What did you think about this episode? Do you love Choni as much as we do? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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