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Why Posie is our favorite ‘Legacies’ ship

Is it just us, or is it getting hotter in here?

Spoiler warning: The following post discuss episodes 1×01-1×06 of ‘Legacies’! Most specifically, Posie (Penelope + Josie) moments.

Remember in the first few Legacies episodes when Penelope Park (played by Lulu Antariksa) was a total mean girl, and we all couldn’t stand her? Insert episode 6 of The Vampire Diaries and Originals spinoff, and we now have a girl who gives tough love—and we’re starting to love her back.

In episode 1×06,“Mombie Dearest”, our feels were all over the place. Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) were having their big sixteenth birthday bash, and the most emotional monster the series has seen yet appeared: their “bio-mom”, Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe).

Jo was tragically murdered by her (insane) brother Kai, while pregnant with Lizzie and Jo at her wedding to Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis). As we all know, the babies were then transferred to vampire Caroline Forbes (an at-the-time pregnant actor Candice Accola King), and thus, our favorite Gemini witches were born.

Lizzie is very much like her “birth” mother Caroline, and Josie takes after her bio-mom, to which she is also named after. Josie is a gentle, yet fierce, strong young woman who stands up for herself… unless it comes to her sister. INSERT: PENELOPE PARK.

We found out in recent episodes the reason Penelope and Josie broke up: Lizzie. While Lizzie wasn’t directly involved in splitting up the two, Penelope not-so-kindly informed Lizzie that her dependence on Josie and refusal to acknowledge her wants and needs ultimately drew a wedge between Penelope and Josie, breaking them up.

Penelope relayed to Lizzie that Josie will always, always, put Lizzie before herself, and because Lizzie lets that happen, Josie will never be able to find someone to truly make her happy. That’s cold, girl. (But also true.)

In episode 1×06, Penelope’s fierce love for Josie was demonstrated when she found out from Hope that Josie was missing, and possibly hurt, at the hands of mombie-dearest Jo, and then we were #blessed with this uh-amazing moment of Pen grabbing a shoveling to fuck up whoever’s messing with her girl.

Penelope loves Josie, and I am here for it. Her tough love may be harsh, but it’s the only way Penelope can find herself getting through to Josie. She knows that neither she—nor Josie—deserve to be second-fiddle to anyone when it comes to finding true happiness, and most importantly, love.

(Can we talk about that EPIC kiss after Hope, M.G., and Penelope saved Josie?!)

Side note: I’m also L-I-V-I-N-G for Hosie. Hope and Josie are quickly forming a deep, meaningful friendship that’s challenging both of their characters to step outside their comfort zone. Cheers to women supporting women, because fucking duh.

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