‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×09 “Elseworlds, Part 3”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 9, “Elseworlds, Part 3” Aired December 13, 2018.

The final part of the crossover has concluded. The crossover as a whole was quite enjoyable. There was, however a large issue I had about the final part. The show is called Supergirl, yet the episode was severely lacking. Let’s dive into the crossover!

The Trigger Twins

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Oliver and Barry have landed in yet another alternate reality. This time they are two villains called The Trigger Twins. Barry is Barry, but he doesn’t have his speed. Oliver is Oliver and luckily he still has his skills. This is what they find out about this reality.

  1. Supergirl is nowhere to be found.
  2. All of the bad guys are now good and the good are bad.
  3. There is only one superhero and that is Superman.

What is the twist? Superman is actually Dr. Deegan in Superman’s body. Deegan’s version of Superman is an egotistical maniac. Much like Deegan’s previous form. Where is Supergirl? That’s what I was thinking the whole episode. We find out later. 

Where is Supergirl?


Where is our beloved heroine? She is trapped in Star Labs’ containment unit. Who is her capturer? Alex Danvers. Only in this reality, Supergirl’s pod never crashed on Earth and she and Alex never became sisters. Is this as sad as it sounds? Yes it is!

  • Alex works for Superman, but she isn’t in charge.
  • She is still a badass though.
  • She is sad, bitter, and lonely.

Our poor Alex. Naturally Kara is able to wear down Alex. She explains to her over a course of days what their lives are like. She reveals things only she would know about Alex. Kara is able to convince her to help her escape. Their sisterly bond cannot be broken, no matter what reality!

Mr. Ramon


Oliver and Barry realize they need to get the book back, but they aren’t a match for Superman. Wait, why are we not talking about Kara anymore? It’s because she is literally not in the next 20 minutes of the episode. They need to find Cisco and have him breach them to Earth 38. They need the good Superman.

“Call me, Mr. Ramon.”

Cisco is now a gang boss. After much negotiation he helps them get to Earth 38. Superman goes back with them. He can re-write reality if he can get the book. Oliver and Barry will help him do it.

See why is Superman doing all of this? Kara can do it too.  They aren’t even trying to find her. All of the sudden the episode became a boys club. Anyways, Superman gets the book and starts to re-write reality.

The Monitor

The CW

The Monitor shows up as Kara joins Barry and Oliver. He proceeds to be a typical villain and explains his master plan. A crisis is coming to the multiverse. He chose to set up trials to test the Earth’s heroes, to see who would pass. They are the first to succeed.

However, for some odd reason he tries to alter reality again. The trio realize in order to stop him Barry and Kara must race around the world in alternate directions to slow down time. That way Oliver and Clark can steal the book and destroy it. The only problem is, this will kill Kara and Barry.

Oliver meets with The Monitor and makes a deal with him. He convinces him that Kara and Barry are the ones he will need to stop the crisis. What trade Oliver made with him? We don’t know. (Presumably at some point he probably trades his life.) The Monitor agrees.

Back to reality.

Supergirl and The Flash pull back time enough for Oliver to put a Arrow through the book and destroy it. Reality gets set back to the original timeline. Kara, Clark, and Lois go back to Earth 38. The episode ends with Barry and Oliver drinking like they always do.


“Crisis on Infinite Earths coming in Fall 2019,” pops us on the screen and then goes black! They announced it! What does this mean for the future of our heroes and shows? Time will tell!

In the comments let me know what you thought about the episode. Did you think they needed more Supergirl and less Superman? Sound off!

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