‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×08 “Legends of To-Meow Meow”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 8, “Legends of To-Meow Meow” Aired December 10, 2018.

I was with the episode, up until the puppets. They lost me at the puppets. This week was crossover week. For some reason they decided not to include the Legends in this. While I know many people weren’t thrilled by this, it did provide an opportunity, for them to do their own version of Flashpoint.

What did you think? How did it turn out? Did you like the puppets? Seriously, did anyone like the puppets?! Let’s break down the funniest moments of this week’s Legends of Tomorrow! 

4. Zari the Cat


Legends finally answered the age old question. Can Zari get any cuter? The answer is yes! Yes, Zari can be cuter. The only way this is possible of course, is if she is a kitty. This is the predicament we never knew we needed!

  • Charlie doesn’t know why Zari is a cat.
  • She and John must figure out what is wrong with the timeline.
  • They go to the Waverider to see what has changed.

It turns out Mick, Ray, and Nate are now homicidal monster killers. Also, for some reason Ray looks like Rambo? They mercilessly kill magical creatures and hold no regard for their lives. It turns out the reason for this is Sara was killed by a unicorn back at Woodstock.

3. SOS


John turns Zari back into a person. She tries to convince him to put the timeline back in order, by undoing what he did. He refuses and turns her back into a cat.

Charlie and John go to Woodstock and blow up the unicorn. The timeline re-writes again. This time was it changed for the better? Kind of?

  1. Gideon is alive! We get Gideon back!
  2. Ava, Sara, and Gideon have a Charlie’s Angels-esque group called SOS.
  3. Nate’s Dad is their Charlie.

I’m going to be honest, this time re-write was priceless. The only downfall is they still killed magical creatures on site and now the boys are dead. Why? The fair Godmother killed them! Charle and John try to re-write it again. Does no one learn from Barry Allen?

2. Puppets?


The reality they came back to was insane, even by Legends standards. I mean I can enjoy the bizarre as much as anyone else, but there are limits. Puppets is where I draw the line. Why are they all puppets?

“Rory wrote in his book that the Legends were all corporate puppets.”

Naturally they became puppets. Rory and the fairy Godmother ran off to be partners in crime. Charlie, Zari, and John keep changing the timeline and they can’t get it right. Zari finally convinces John to do the right thing and undo what he did with Desmund. Charlie is not on board with this plan, because it means she loses her powers.

1. Charlie changed them.

The CW

Charlie goes to the current Legends and confronts Sara Lance. She has a wee bit of a breakdown. She can’t figure out why in every change in the timeline, the Legends still continue to hate magical creatures.

Meanwhile, John goes to set the timeline straight with Zari’s assistance. The other Legends go after him because they think he is the shapeshifter. This is the one creature in every timeline that they haven’t caught.

Charlie realizes the reason the Legends are so brutal. In every one of these timelines, since John never joined them, Charlie never met them. She was the one that changed their minds about magical creatures. Our girl finally realizes she belongs with the Legends.

John rights the timeline. As we all know from Barry’s messes, there is always a price. This time it is Desmund it back, or someone who looks like him. He is telling Nate’s Dad what to do. This will be interesting my friends! What did you think of this episode? Did you miss the Legends in the crossover? At least we got Gary!

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