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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×09 “Elseworlds, Part 2”

Gotham, here we come!

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 9, “Elseworlds, Part 2” Aired Dec. 10, 2018.

Crossovers are so fun, and what’s great about Elseworlds is that they’re embracing the comedy of this situation. But let’s dive right in, shall we?

Batwoman Rises

What’s truly great about the introduction of Kate Kane (AKA Batwoman), is how refreshing of a character she is. Sure, you’re compelled to make the Oliver Queen/Bruce Wayne comparison, and that’s justified. However, Kate has an edginess and grit that Oliver Queen does not possess.

Also, we are going to talk about the flirty vibes that Kate and Kara were sending each other. Such a nice chemistry between them, what’s there ship name? Batgirl? Superwoman? Katara? Whatever it is, I ship it.

Of course, Batwoman saves their butts at Arkham Asylum. She’s so badass and cool, I need her show now. Give it to me.

Arkham Asylum

Oliver, Barry, Kara, and Caitlin break into Arkham to find Dr. Deegan, and it’s no surprise things go sideways. Oliver and Barry start to hallucinate their biggest foes and fight them, but in reality they are fighting each other. Oliver thought he was fighting Reverse Flash, and Barry thought he was fighting Malcolm Merlyn (in reality it would have been Prometheus, but I’ll let it slide).

Batwoman breaks it up (we stan), and Dr. Deegan gets away. Supergirl also was able to get the magic book the re-writes reality, and she has a nice goodbye with Batwoman. I mean, they were flirting. You can’t tell me different #Katara.

’90s Flash Lives!

’90s Flash (John Wesley Shipp) breaches in to warn everyone about The Monitor. Who shows up at Star City and takes the book and ’90s Flash away.

’90s Flash also might have hinted that John Diggle is The Green Lantern over on his earth, which I need to see.

Rewrite the Stars

When The Monitor tells Dr. Deegan he needs to “dream bigger,” he rewrites reality again and Oliver and Barry turn into cowboy bank robbers. Oh, and Superman is evil.

Oliver and Felicity

Oliver said the words! Felicity needed to know that he would not judge her for who she’s become, or who she will change into. Of course, he can have opinions about her behavior and how she has chosen to do things (good or bad), however, she needs him to broach those topics with love and respect.

Oliver essentially tells Felicity that “you will always be the love of my life” no matter what. That’s my ride or die couple. Does anyone else really enjoy how they keep having these big declarations of love?

That was rhetorical, of course you do.

What’s your thoughts on this crossover? Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill and we will freak out about Batwoman with you.

Elseworlds continues with Supergirl on Tuesday Dec. 11, at 8 PM on The CW!


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