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‘Arrow’: A breakdown of Olicity’s tech support scenes

When our beloved sweet bean uttered the immortal words: “Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.” You could feel its rumble, hear its construction, and see the glittery green paint write “S.S. Olicity” on this massive unsinkable ship. Let me tell you something we all already know, but couldn’t hurt to reiterate: Our ship was sturdy even then.

When there were claims of icebergs getting in the way, Arrow either melted them, saw them and moved, or simply said “what are you talking about? There is no iceberg.”

If just the simple act of Oliver Queen introducing himself to Felicity Smoak wasn’t enough for you to buy a ticket to their sizzling and unparalleled chemistry, and eventual heart-stopping romance, then it happened sometime when he stopped by for tech support in season 1.

The Trust of Olicity

Oliver and Felicity’s flirty banter, coupled with the subtext of “I know you’re lying, but I see you” and “I know you know I’m lying, but you’re not calling me on it.” Started the foundation of a great partnership and trust between the two. I’m aware that lying and trust contradict, but it was a leap of faith for both of them.

For Felicity, she had faith that he was lying for a good reason, or what he thought was a good reason, (see what I did there)? It was also a feeling that she just met someone who would change her life forever, and she truly had. Sometimes you just know, and Felicity Smoak knew.

For Oliver, he had faith that Felicity would come through and be of help, and that she wouldn’t see through his facade. Oh, she saw through it buddy, and to your surprise, this sunshine human gave you compassion. And you loved her for it.

Love, at its core, is a leap of faith.

Olicity is married, and we jumped through many hurtles to here, but the race is never over. We get to see the ups and downs of their marriage, and honestly, what’s better than that?

But what’s the harm in reminiscing about the days of red pens and a shot up laptop?

#1 Felicity Smoak? Hi, I’m Oliver Queen.

Felicity’s babbling, Oliver’s “I think you’re cute” smile, and Felicity’s bullsh*t detector blaring at full force. What else is there to say? I couldn’t have asked for a better first meeting.

#2 I thought this was your laptop?

This is when Oliver discovered bae was super smart goddess. The once and future Queen, ladies and gentlemen.

#3 Happily… I mean.

Look! It’s OTA! Oliver is like, “look at this new friend I made, Diggle! Isn’t she great?” and Digg’s like, “right… friend.”

#4 Felicity, you’re remarkable.

Everything about this scene. Felicity’s shade at archery, and “don’t you knock?” Along with Oliver’s permanent grin on his face. Happy Hanukkah!

#5 No, but if it works for you, go with it.

That way he looks at her though. Don’t tell me Oliver Queen wasn’t picturing all of the pretty babies he was going to have with Felicity Smoak. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

#6 You look like something the cat dragged in.

They have such a nice rapport. Even when Oliver is on drugs.

#7 You can trust me.

Ah, the veil lifted when they were honest with each other. This is the moment they became partners and best friends. It’s the beginning of always.

#8 Felicity, I do believe in magic.

Even though this season 1 flashback was shown in season 5, it fit perfectly well into the season 1 narrative. Yes, Oliver and Felicity have always been pure magic. Yes, he’s always looked at her like that. And yes, Felicity’s adorable attempts at flirting was what turned Oliver Queen into mush.

I’m proud to announce that the S.S. Olicity is still sailing, and their King and Queen of DCTV flag will fly forevermore.

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Arrow is on Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.


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