7 MUST WATCH Made for TV Christmas movies this year

100% Christmas satisfaction!

In this uncertain world, nothing bring comfort and joy quite like the warm hug (and predictability) of a made for TV Christmas movie.

A successful, jaded business woman returns home for the holidays and falls in love with the small town dad, finds the true meaning of Christmas, and learns to bake (probably). It’s God damn Christmas miracle!

Historically, this was something that only Lifetime and Hallmark delivered on year after year, but now we are seeing more and more of this genre from everyone.

Now, in addition to the usual holiday giants mentioned above, Netflix and Freeform have really gotten into the Made for TV Christmas movie game and we are 100% okay with the over abundance of Christmas cheer!

We asked the writers here at for their top picks for MUST WATCH Made for TV Christmas movies and here are the old and new movies you need to be watching this year!

Must Watch (and Rewatch) made for TV Christmas movies:


Must Re-Watch: A Christmas Prince (Netflix)

Despite it being only a year old, A Christmas Prince is first on my rewatch list for this year. Rose McIver is brilliant in it, as she always is. I loved the mystery element, and thought that was a good little twist on the classic girl meets prince story line. It is incredibly cheesy, but isn’t that what Christmas movies are all about? – Sarah Paterson

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New This Year: Road to Christmas (Hallmark)

Jessy Schram (Cinderella in Once Upon a Time) is producing a Christmas special and falls for the host’s son, Chad Michael Murray (CMM). It’s written by Zac Hug, who wrote a few episodes of Shadowhunters. Sooo … how hard are you in right now? – Matt Coleman


Must Re-Watch: A Holiday Engagement (Hallmark)

This is on the more edgy side of Hallmark holiday movies, but still super cheesy and sweet. It’s hard not to love the fake boyfriend/fiance plot line—it’s one of my favorite holiday plot devices. So unrealistic, but hey, that’s what makes things interesting. The humor is actually really good, which is where some of the edginess comes in! Plus, Mona from “Friends” is the main character, sooo. – Madeline Klepec


New this year: The Christmas Chronicle (Netflix)

A brother and sister spending Christmas Eve by themselves accidentally crash Santa’s sleigh and must work together to save Christmas. The real reason to watch: Santa Claus is played by Kurt Russell who appears to have a blast as a grumpier version of the lovable St. Nick. It’s also produced by Chris Columbus who knows a thing or two about charming family adventures. – Gabriela Acevedo


Must rewatch: Holiday in Handcuffs (Freeform)

Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez’s Holiday in Handcuffs will always be my favorite Christmas TV Movie. It’s super quirky, completely insane (and kinda disturbing), but adorable. Trudie (the effortlessly perfect MJH) kidnaps David (AC Slater) so she doesn’t have to face her family alone on Christmas. Somehow, despite the felonies, they manage to fall in love! It’s so weird and quirky, but OMG – it’s so charming. – Meg Bonney

The Princess Switch (Netflix)

New this year: The Princess Switch (Netflix)

Two women meet and realize they are identical strangers and they hatch a plan to switch places! It’s like Parent Trap but without the the messy custody drama and CHRISTMAS! Vanessa Hudgens is delightful in everything she does, and this is a double dose of her charm. It’s romantic, sweet and funny! You will love it! – Meg Bonney

Christmas Wedding Planner
Christmas Wedding Planner

Must Re-Watch: Christmas Wedding Planner (Netflix)

Christmas Wedding Planner is your go-to holiday Rom-com with its great script and hilariously dramatic acting. The movie hits all the holiday marks with having cute scenes, a clashing couple who fall in love, and all the Christmas spirit. Jocelyn Hudon, Stephen Huszar, and Kelly Rutherford are very memorable in their various montages. Make sure you watch! – Surya Cherian

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What is your favorite Made for TV Christmas movie? Hit the comments and let us know!


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