‘You’ on Lifetime: A tribute to all of Joe Goldberg’s victims

An homage to the ones we lost.

On Lifetime’s You, it takes a perfunctory glance and the chime of a door opening for Joe Goldberg to painstakingly find himself in this situation again. What is his situation? Well, she wore the clothes, spoke kindly, flirted even. This seemingly innocent meet-cute at a bookstore is the perfect recipe for a romantic comedy.

We like the recipe, even aesthetically so. Here’s this girl, meeting this boy, and he’s oh-so-handsome. But the misogynistic and predatory monologue gives us pause. In our real-lives, if we heard the inner thoughts of Joe Goldberg we would lock his ass up and throw away the key.

But when we are watching a TV show, we want to be entertained. Admittedly, it would be entertaining to revel in Joe’s ultimate demise and watch him crumble at our feet, haven fallen from the highest tower of white male privilege. But not quite yet.

I, a woman, watched these ten episodes of You and was readily aware of the moments when I was rooting for Beck and Joe. I wanted Beck and Joe to “get it on” so to speak, I wanted to see what they were like as a couple, and I even wanted Joe to make it out of her apartment before she saw him there.

Are you horrified, ladies? I was horrified with myself. It was a constant battle of wills that the juicy drama of You kept pulling me into. Is it because women are already hardwired to forgive the attractive straight, white man for his predatory behavior?

The short answer: yes. And You knows this, and all and all it makes for fantastic television. But lets pay homage to those we lost, I mean, who post-devastating-divorce-from-Serena-Dan Humphrey has killed. All in the name of Beck, of course.



Ah, Benji. You were the worst. And your artisanal soda company didn’t help matters. At least you had dreams, and they didn’t deserve to be squashed by pesky peanut oil.



At least you died with the satisfaction of knowing you were right about Joe all along. Also, I’m very sorry she couldn’t love you the same way… and that you were fatally shot.



You were a piece of sh*t, but it kind of sucks that you were stabbed in the neck.



Even though Joe didn’t kill you, he did teach you some very incorrect lessons. Not surprised if we have a little serial killer in the making.


Dr. Nicky

This beautiful man wasn’t killed by Joe, but he was set up for his crimes. Even though John Stamos was a terrible therapist, he didn’t deserve that.



Beck had so much more life to live, and ultimately it looks as though her tragic story will go untold in the You-niverse. But lets not accept defeat quite yet, Joe’s day in court will come. And when it does, the matriarchy will surely squash him like a bug.

What’s in store for season 2?

The show, based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel You, will be moving to Netflix for season 2. Be sure to catch up with the first season on Netflix (scheduled to release December 26), or on Lifetime’s website.

We also know that Joe will be making a move to L.A, and Candace will have a role to play. Who else is excited to hopefully see Joe get knocked down a couple hundred pegs? I know I am.



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