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‘Supernatural’ 14×08 recap: “Byzantium”

It really is a family business!

Supernatural 14×08 recap: Season 14, Episode 08, “Byzantium,” Aired Dec. 6, 2018

A new enemy emerges as Dean, Cas and Sam search for a way to save Jack. It’s an emotional episode that really showcases the depth of their relationships with Jack. (Dean calls Jack his son! AHHHH!) Let’s break it all down!

Jack’s gone. Holy crap, that felt super quick! Jack’s illness progresses and KILLS HIM before the title card pops up and it’s super sad AF. We have seen the Winchesters lose people, but Jack’s loss feels different. He wasn’t just important to the boys, he was super important to Cas too. (Thankfully, it’s not permanent.)

Sam. Jack’s death is hitting Sam particularly hard and he is struggling. Dean even worries that he made a Crossroads Demon deal to save him, but (thankfully) he did not. He’s just super upset that they couldn’t save Jack. Dean wants to give Jack a hunter’s funeral, but first they drink a bottle (or ten) of whiskey. A LOT OF WHISKEY!


Jack’s heaven. Can we just stop to appreciate that Jack’s Heaven is just a hunt with Sam, Dean and Cas with Dean teaching him stuff? It’s clear that Jack is the son Dean never had and it’s clear that the feeling goes both ways. It’s adorable – well, until a crazy black goo nearly swallows him up when he goes into the hallway. Run Jack!

Ex-Angel killer? Sam and Cas come up with a crazy plan to save Jack’s soul (obvi). They call in a woman who we have seen before, Lily. She previously appeared on the show when she was killing angels to avenge her daughter using soul magic- idk (she seems helpful so who cares). She thinks she can save Jack.

Angel drama. Remember that limbo zone for Angels? The Empty is after Jack and is wiping out all of the angels to get to him because the Empty has a claim on Jack’s angelic side.

Jack’s on the move. Luckily Jack didn’t stick around long enough for The Empty to get it’s goopy grips on him. He went and found his Mama! It’s one of the sweetest reunions EVER.

Cas makes a deal. In exchange for Jack’s life, Cas makes a deal with The Empty. He will go with The Empty in Jack’s place, but The Empty wants to make him squirm a little more before dragging him off to Nothing. The Empty promises to take Cas only when he is happy on Earth. Yikes.

Supernatural — “Byzantium” — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved

Jack is back! IT WORKS! Finally, something goes in their favor! Jack is reunited with Dean, Cas and Sam. It’s one of the most touching scenes and it really proves that these four have become a rock solid family.

Next step. As a reward to Cas for saving Heaven, Naomi (remember her?!) tells Cas where to find Michael! They also need to track down Dark Kaia and the spear, but now that the boys are reunited, they are ready to take on anything!

What did you think of this episode? Do you think they will save Jack? 

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