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Legacies 1×06 discussion: Everything you need to know about the Gemini Coven

Details on The Merge, Kai, and Caroline's mission

This post contains spoilers for ‘Legacies’ 1×06, “Mombie Dearest”, aired December 7, 2018

This week’s Legacies is all about the Saltzman’s. It’s Lizzie and Josie’s sixteenth birthday, and of course—a monster chooses this day of all days to appear. This time, the “monster” is Josette,  Ric’s almost-wife and “bio-mom” of the twins.

A monster called “The Necromancer” has resurrected Jo in hopes of gaining the knife (which we still know nothing about). Jo isn’t just resurrected, she is also driven by monster-fueled magic that takes over her being so she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Like, burying her daughter alive.

Instead of a recap this week, we’re going to break down the Gemini Coven lore for all you TVDU newbs, or lifer fans like me that need a refresh. Let’s dive in!

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The Gemini Coven

This is no ordinary coven. Helming from the Portland Oregon area, this 2,000+ year-old coven’s jam is all about creating prison worlds (like Kai Parker’s), cloaking spells, and being known for their brutal “merge” ritual that chooses a new leader of their coven.

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What is “The Merge”?

TVD fans will remember The Merge first being introduced on the original series. The Gemini Coven is known for producing sets of twins, of which will “battle” for the coveted spot of leader of the coven.

When the set of twins that’s “battling” for the leader spot turn twenty-two years old, the pair do a power-face off, and the stronger twin absorbs the other one, becoming the leader. Yes, you read that right: It means one of the twins dies.

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The 5-second history of Jo and Kai

In TVD, Kai (the twin brother of Jo) was a special case of the Gemini Coven. He could only siphon magic from another witch through contact (kind of like his nieces!) This was seen as a weakness by the coven, and the next set of twins, he and Jo’s younger siblings, were to “merge” when they came of age.

Kai wasn’t down for this, murdered his siblings, and Jo was able to save some by cloaking them. She transferred her magic to a knife so she couldn’t merge with Kai, and the coven put him in a prison-world time loop. So, he didn’t age and relived the same day over and over again. If you haven’t picked up on it, Kai is a huge dick and one of the best villains to come out of the TVDU.

As Jo lived a magic-less life, she met Ric, became pregnant with Jo and Lizzie, was killed by Kai at she and Ric’s wedding, then the coven transferred the babes to Caroline. Now here we are!

What Caroline is doing to protect Josie and Lizzie

It’s revealed in Legacies 1×06 that Caroline is gone because she’s searching for a way for the twins to get out of The Merge “curse” (I think it warrants that category.) Does this play into Landon’s past, the knife, and the bigger story? I bet so.

Comment your theories below or tweet me @lizprugh @Pure_Fandom! Next week is the winter finale, so we’ll have plenty of time to break it all down.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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