‘The Good Place’ fall finale recap: 3×09 “Janet(s)”

The Good Place fall finale recap: Season 3, Episode 9, “Janet(s),” Aired Dec. 6, 2018
The Good Place came back from a two-week break for one episode, and there aren’t any new ones until next year? This really is the Bad Place!

However, “Janet(s)” was one fantastic episode. D’Arcy Carden deserves all the awards for this one. Seriously.

“Tough void”

The Good Place fall finale 3x09 Janet(s) D'Arcy Carden Janet as Jason Mendoza

Janet’s plan to save the Soul Squad by transporting them to her void worked, except for one little hitch. The bodies of the humans dematerialized, so they all took Janet’s form. At the start of the episode, there were 5 Janets in the void, but at least the humans were easy to tell apart.

The Good Place fall finale 3x09 Janet(s) D'Arcy Carden lots of Janets

I cannot applaud D’Arcy Carden enough for her performance as all the humans AND real Janet. Wonderful, fabulous job.

Corner piece

The Good Place fall finale 3x09 Janet(s) the head accountant

While the humans chilled in Janet’s void, Michael and the real Janet headed to the accounting department to check for Bad Place tampering with the points system.

The Good Place fall finale 3x09 Janet(s) D'Arcy Carden Ted Danson Michael

Michael and Janet learned that it has been 521 years since someone has gotten into the Good Place, which is definitely a problem. When the head accountant, who has a weird obsession with corner pieces of cake, proves no help at all with this situation, Janet helps Michael realize that he must be the one to fix the afterlife. But no pressure or anything, Michael.

“Nice work, bud”

Since they were stuck in the void together, Eleanor decided she’d try to talk to Chidi about the memories of the two of them being in love. Eleanor repeatedly made herself vulnerable as she revealed her feelings, but Chidi tried to counter her words with philosophy to hide his own feelings.

The Good Place fall finale 3x09 Janet(s) Cheleanor Chidi and Eleanor kiss in Janet's void and are not Janets

However, when thinking too much caused Eleanor to lose her sense of self, nearly shattering Janet and her void with the instability, Chidi reminded her who she was and also turned the humans back into themselves with a kiss! That was an epic kiss, Cheleanor shippers! Oh, and then Janet puked up the humans. But, you know, they kissed!

“You’re in the Good Place”

The Good Place fall finale Janet(s) Eleanor Shellstrop Janet void the real Good Place Kristen Bell

When the accountant hit the alarm to alert the afterlife that the humans were there, Michael stood up to the head accountant and helped the squad transport themselves to the real Good Place. Michael had no idea if the way to the Good Place would even work on the humans, but he took the chance to save them and get them there.

The Good Place fall finale Janet(s) Eleanor Shellstrop Janets void Kristen Bell


This was quite the fall finale, and the episode ended with the Soul Squad’s arrival at the real Good Place. Of course this is where the writers would leave us until next year. Still, this is amazing, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next. See you in 2019, benches!

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The Good Place returns Thursday, Jan. 10 on NBC at 9:30/8:30c.

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