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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: 4×07 “Top 5 Moments”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “Hello no, Dolly!” Aired December 3, 2018.

Hello, Legends! What did you think about this week’s episode? Although I am not a huge fan of a doll storyline, I did enjoy the relationship exploration that went along with it.

We finally got the scoop on John Constantine! Then, of course John made a rookie mistake. Let’s call it a, “Barry”! Check out the top 5 moments of the episode.

5. A serial killer is on the loose!


We find out this week that Ava Sharpe has an odd hobby. I love how each Legend has a thing. Her hobby is relatively disturbing, but that’s what makes it fun. Ava likes to read about prolific serial killers.

The Legends are eating breakfast and Ray reads a fact on the back of a serial box. Ava states he’s wrong that the Madame is not the most vicious killer. Sara’s Captain senses begin to tingle. She asks Gideon to pull up the timeline.

Gideon explains there has been a shift in the timeline in New Orleans, 1856. The Legends must go there and explore the city. Their mission is to find the real serial killer and figure out what they are!

4. Charlie finds out a secret.


Sara, Ray, Ava, and Mick go to check out New Orleans. Zari, Charlie, and John stay on the ship. Why does Sara keep banishing them to the ship? I have no idea. It does, however make for some great tension.

“Why don’t you just say it, Sara? We are the B Team.”

I am hoping there is a larger plan for these three, because it does seem like Sara thinks that way. I understand Charlie and John, but not Zari being on that team. Poor Zari. Speaking of Charlie, she found out a secret. She can still shapeshift, just very poorly! John lied to her.

She tries to convince him to tell her how to shift. He refuses. She recognizes he is off and asks what his problem is.

3. John’s Lost Love


At the beginning of the episode John has a dream about a man named Desmond. In the dream Desmond gives him a protection medallion that has been in his family for generations. We find out this happened 7 months ago.

It turns out John and Desmond were a couple. Desmond ironically enough is Madame Levaux’s kin. We find this out later in the episode. It turns out John had to sacrifice Desmond to banish a demon and save humanity.

Constantine could never get over this loss. Madame Levaux calls him out on this and forces him to fix it. She wants John to go to her future and save her kin. John knows he can’t do that specifically that, but he will try. He agrees and she gives him the information about the killer on the loose.

2. Why is it always dolls?


The team finds out a evil spirit has possessed a doll and is killing a bunch of blond rich women. Ava realizes it is the spirit of Mike the Spike. Mick fries his a**. They take the doll back on the ship. Sara knows, because of her binge of Chucky movies that the doll always comes back. She locks it up until they figure out what to do with it.

The spirit comes out of the doll and possesses of all things, the Professor Stein puppet. That’s right you heard me! The doll Captain Cold used to help the team deal with their feelings is back.

  • The doll attacks Ray and removes half his hideous mustache.
  • It breaks the circuit breaker causing the lights to flash.
  • Ava and Sara split up to find it.

It attacks Ava and Mick saves her. Even though the two don’t like each other, he helps her. He knows how much Ava means to Sara.

1. John pulls a Barry!


John decides with the help of Charlie to go back to when he first met Desmund. He wants to make sure he never meets him. They get caught. Zari explains what fix points in time are. She warns him not to go back again or he will mess up the timeline.

  1. John doesn’t listen. He goes back.
  2. He tells Desmund he is leaving him.
  3. John returns.

As John is traveling back, a shift runs through the air. Yup, it’s happening again. Everyone gets caught mid whatever action they are doing. The most shocking thing ever is after it’s done, Zari is a cat! For some reason Charlie wasn’t effected, so it is now up to her to fix the timeline!

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