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‘Black Lightning’ 2×08: Top 4 moments from “Exodus”

Jen and Khalil on the run!

Black Lightning 2×08 recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus”, Aired Dec. 4, 2018

Guess who’s back? Black Lightning is back!

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments:

#1 Jen and Khalil on the run

Jen and Khalil go on the run, after Tobias puts a price on Khalil’s head.  In order for them to get far, they will need money. They take a pitstop to grab some cash, but it ends in a shoot-out. Khalil thought he’d be able to take some criminal’s money who owe Tobias, but it doesn’t turn out as how he wanted. Khalil’s stunt nearly gets both him and Jen killed.

This was the first time we see Jen actually using her powers. Her surge of electricity could easily kill, so it’s understandable she is scared. Jen gets herself wrapped up too much in Khalil’s business, which I believe won’t end well. I get Jen cares for Khalil and I believe he can redeem himself, but with Tobias still after him, she will be a target.

Later, we see this playing out. Khalil and Jen keep safe in Khalil’s Aunt’s place, as they keep out of trouble for the night. This is short lived, as Tobias sends a hit-woman after Khalil. She tries to capture Khalil and return him back to Tobias, but both Jen and Khalil are saved thanks to Black Lightning and Thunder.

You would think they would hang around to thank them, but Jen and Khalil still make a run for it. Sadly, Black Lightning or Thunder can’t find them. Looks like we will have to wait till the next episode to see Jen reunited with her fam.

I am curious as to what Tobias’ hit-woman meant with that he was cut, so it won’t be long? I’m going to take a guess that the blade was poisoned, meaning that Jen will have no choice but to return with Khalil if she wants him saved.

#2 When Anissa calls out both Gambi and Jefferson

Anissa wasn’t playing around in this weeks episode. Firstly, she calls out Gambi for putting them through hell thinking he was dead. Girl got a point, it devastated their family to learn he may be dead. Then to find out he lied and was really alive, I’d be both pissed and happy too.

Gambi explains that he only lied because he wanted to protect them. People were out to kill him, so if they discovered he was linked to the Pierce family, they may have became a target too. I guess, that’s a fair point too. Gambi is only looking out for them.

Later, Anissa and Jefferson argue over who’s fault it may be that Jen ran away. When Jefferson finds out that Anissa knew Jen was texting Khalil, he blames her for not telling them about it. He thinks if they knew, they could have stopped her from leaving with Khalil. Jeff, baby, that was just damn cruel. It ain’t Anissa’s fault Jen ran away.

Anissa is taken aback her dad would even say that. She then claps back and blames her parents for pushing Jen away, just like they did with her. With all their constraining rules, it was no surprise that Jen wanted to escape them. She shouldn’t be a prisoner in her own home. Damn, Anissa, don’t hold back or anything!

#3 Lynn’s breakdown

Poor Lynn! Girl don’t have it easy one bit. Lynn is still not dealing with the deaths of the Green Light pod children, and then a parents biggest fear happens: one of her children goes missing. With Jen gone and no clue where she is, Lynn really looses it.

Lynn takes comfort in a bottle of liqueur in hopes it may dull her pain. However, it doesn’t do much, and we see Lynn trashing Jen’s room and breaking down. Thankfully, Jefferson is there to give her comfort and try help ease her sadness.

When Jen returns home, I’m sure Lynn will get back to feeling good again.

#4 Tobias working out who Black Lightning really is (we think)

When Tobias learn that his hit-woman failed in capturing Khalil on her first go, he starts to figure some things out. She tells him she would have been successful if she didn’t have to face two other meta-humans, aka Black Lightning and Thunder. Tobias can’t understand why would Black Lightning care for Khalil and Jennifer?

It doesn’t take long for Tobias to see a connection between Black Lightning and the Pierce girl. With that thought, Tobias may have finally figured out that Black Lightning must be Jefferson Pierce.

Other scenes worth mentioning:

  • When Tobias confronts khalil’s mother, he did not lay a finger on her. Tobias states, “I have a strict no mamma rule.” Have to say, that made me laugh a bit. I am glad Tobias isn’t that much of a baddie that he would kill his mom.
  • Jen cut off Khalil’s locks for good, “Sorry brother, these locks gotta go!” LOL, if you are a lover of his locks look, well bad luck to you!
  • Gambi giving Anissa her own ride was brilliant! I think that was his way to try and make up for him lying about being dead.

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