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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×08 “Unmasked”

Life after prison is rough.

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 8, “Unmasked” Aired Dec. 3, 2018.

Home for Oliver Queen and company means cold and unforgiving rain, the occasional charity gala, and a masked crusader under a green hood. And after seven months in a maximum security prison, it looks like nothing has changed.

Well, looks can be deceiving.

The Green Arrow: Police Consultant?

Oliver is unmasked and getting his “sea legs” back, as Diggle put it. And the question of what he’s going to do now that he’s out has been on everyone’s minds. However, I’m not sure I completely like this answer, or we are supposed to? Dinah works out some sort of police captain magic and now he’s as an arrow-for-hire at the SCPD.


  • Seeing Oliver without a mask and fighting for this city is very satisfying.
  • Might eventually establish some trust between vigilantes and cops.
  • To an extent, Oliver will be held accountable… but only to an extent.


  • Having Dinah go around the system to give Oliver this new job doesn’t breed trust in your government officials.
  • Can’t Oliver to just relax for an episode and have a much longer talk with his wife?
  • If the argument for the anti-vigilante stance is that people need to start having faith in the police, then why is hiring the Green Arrow — who isn’t a police officer and isn’t bound by the same rules — a good idea?

This might not be what they decide to do with Oliver. This arc might only last a couple of episodes. I like what they are trying to do, but I still have concerns.

There’s only so much you can do with a red pen

Felicity and Oliver are still suffering from PTSD. You see it with Oliver’s jumpiness in the shower, and with Felicity’s hyper-vigilance about security and her “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality.

When someone breaks into their hotel room (it looks like a hotel room, but I’m not sure) Felicity hides behind chain-link curtains she put up, and goes for her gun in her purse. Oliver subdues him, and when he gets up to move Felicity shoots him and tells him to “stay down.”

Oliver is warranted in being concerned that his wife is shooting people in there living room. However, he was so frustratingly obtuse to what Felicity is feeling and the reality of her situation.

The reality is, no matter how good intentioned, Oliver left Felicity with a target on her back. She had ARGUS “protection” and Diaz still was able to attack her. In her home. With her son in the next room. And she had to adapt.

Oliver is asking all the wrong questions.

It’s not: why do you have a gun? It is: why did you use it?

It’s not: why did you work with Anatoly and Black Siren? It is: why did you feel you had to?

As Felicity so eloquently put it in the episode, she’s “the wife of the freaking Green Arrow.” That means something to a lot of bad people.

Lastly, Felicity’s darkness is more so her self-loathing than her ruthlessness. When she couldn’t protect herself against Diaz (and in extension — William), she hated herself for it. She got it into her head that she was weak.

We all know this is the farthest from the truth, but trauma and PTSD isn’t a confidence booster. Now it’s Oliver’s turn to be her rock the way Felicity has always been a rock for him.

Where art thou, John Diggle?

The CW

We find out The Longbow Hunters are connected to the mysterious painting at ARGUS, so Dyla went to go gather intel about them from Diaz. Hard sigh.

Diggle, Diggle, Diggle. I have hope he will come back to us and OTA will be restored in their former glory.

My name is Emiko Queen

To those of you who didn’t know that Emiko Queen was under the hood, I hope it was shocking. But I think the majority of us did know, so all I can say is I’m so excited!

The estranged daughter of Robert Queen finally revealed herself. Buckle up, kids. Because its time for some classic Queen family drama!

Blackstar is…?

In the future, we meet Blackstar and we are not given a lot of information about her connection to Felicity. The theory that she’s Olicity’s daughter would be more probable if William knew her. But it might still be true! Keep the theories going!

We learn that The Mark of Four is the four pillars of heroism that Oliver created, and its what Roy saw on the message in Oliver’s bow. It’s how he knew to come to Star City. It means courage, compassion, selflessness, and loyalty.

That’s about all we discover in the future. Truly, I really need this future stuff to pick up the pace.

P.S.: Oliver and Felicity acknowledging their anniversary was super cute. They are super cute. I love them.

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