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‘All American’ 1×06: 5 GIF reaction to “The Choice is Yours”

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a GIF is worth a million.

All American recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “The Choice is Yours” Aired Nov. 28, 2018

Each moment from All American was very gif-able. Here’s 5 of our reactions to All American 1×06:

#1 When Spencer and Layla kissed

#2 When the gunshots went off

#3 When Layla found the ring in her dad’s bag

#4 When we found out Shawn has a daughter

#5 When Olivia saw Spencer and Layla kiss

So, to recap: Spencer and Layla kissed, Shawn has a daughter, Coop and Shawn are cool now, football happens, Layla sort of works out her issues with her father, and Olivia flirts with this new guy. Wow, that’s a lot. But can we talk about all the love triangles, please?

  • Spencer, Layla, and Olivia
  • Layla, Spencer, and Asher
  • Asher, Layla, and Olivia
  • Coach, Grace, and Laura

Am I missing one? Probably.

We have so many feelings about the episode, and we want to know yours! Let us know on Twitter @Pure_Fandom and @lynsneill and we will try to sort out all the love triangles and football together!

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