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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×08 “Bunker Hill”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 8, “Bunker Hill” Aired December 2, 2018.

This week two secret identities were revealed, one we knew and the other we only guessed at. Let’s examine the events of episode 408 and discuss were our team will go from here!

Nia Nall Revealed


Nia Nall takes the spotlight on the newest episode. As suspected, she does indeed have powers. She is a descendant from aliens on a different parent. Kara and Brainy find out that her sleep deprivation is due to her powers.

  • Brainy reveals to Kara and Alex that Nia is known in the future.
  • He knows what one of her powers is.
  • Nia can see the future.

What does this mean? She sees glimpses of what is to come. The important thing to realize is that she sees them out of context. Brainy will help her focus in on them, so she can see more clearly.

Manchester Black’s Revenge

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Manchester Black’s obsession with finding Agent Liberty hits it’s peak. His tracking of killing of the Children of Liberty leads him to the Blackwood house. How far will the man go to get his revenge?

“Perhaps we should go old school, an eye for an eye? Your wife for mine?”

That’s right, he is willing to kill Ben’s wife if he does not reveal he is Agent Liberty. He holds them both hostage at their house. Ben must decide if he wants to tell his wife the truth. He decides it is worth it.

He shows her who he really is. Then Manchester forces him to put on the costume. Who will stop Black from killing them?

Dreams Uncovered


Brainy helps Nia decipher her powers. She gathers enough of the dream to provide a location and scene. Kara, Brainy, and Nia head to the town.

  1. Kara and Brainy realize it is the town of Agent Liberty.
  2. They are taking to the old Blackwood steel mill.
  3. They learn Ben Lockwood is Agent Liberty.

Nia’s instincts kick in when the Liberty people shoot at them. She holds up the cuffs at the exact right time for the bullet to penetrate. They have J’onn use his psychic connection to figure out where Manchester is. They arrive at the steel company.

The Capture

Supergirl finds Manchester attempting to shoot Ben and his wife. She pushes Manchester down. Liberty pours Nth metal on her. She gets stuck. It is up to Brainy and Nia to save Ben’s wife.

Manchester corners her. Right before he shoots Nia uses the hook of the crane to knock him out. No she doesn’t have super strength, just a finger to press a button. Supergirl flies out of the metal and captures Ben.

I must say this was a well-paced episode. They balanced the action and storytelling very well! With both Liberty and Manchester on their way to prison, does Supergirl have a well deserved break? Absolutely not.



The Governor visits the DEO. Ben’s arrest has made him even more of a public figure. It is giving the impression as if Supergirl is aligning herself with the wrong people. Due to the controversy he decides that if Supergirl cannot reveal her identity she is fired.

Once again how do people not know who she is? It’s so ridiculous. Anyways, moving on! She refuses and he fires her. What is Supergirl to do next? We will see!

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