‘Riverdale’: Why we are okay with a single Veronica (for now)

But we still love you, Varchie!

Riverdale is all about the drama, but one thing that we always find surprising is the stability of the core four’s romances. At the start of the show, Betty was ready to embrace her love for Archie, but that didn’t really get off the ground and other romances started to brew.

Very early in Riverdale Season 1, we saw the couples starting to form. Veronica and Archie didn’t have a ton in common but they were FIRE together. And over in the “adorable detective squad” category, Betty and Jughead were quickly falling for each other.

Season 2 kept these couples (mostly) rock solid. Even with the huge sh*t storms constantly brewing in their lives, Archie and Veronica remained strong in large part thanks to Veronica’s unwavering devotion.


Was this devotion solely based on love in recent episodes? Most likely, but the desire to really stick it to Hiram Lodge probably didn’t hurt. Veronica would do anything and everything for Archie – and so far that’s all she’s really done.

Veronica orchestrated the jail break that set Archie free in Riverdale 3×05, but that didn’t stop that heartbreaking phone call from ripping Varchie apart in 3×06. It was super sad, but if anything it proves that it’s time for Veronica to shine on her own.

Veronica has always either been reacting to something her father and/or Archie did, working to prevent it, or fighting to undo it. Our girl is a small business owner and resourceful AF. We are ready to see what a Veronica sans Archie looks like on Riverdale.



We will always hold out hope for a reconciliation (because we love Varchie), but we are excited to see Veronica’s story unfold as a solo act for a bit. In many ways her new good girl persona has been anchored by Archie, so things might take an interesting turn!

Will she continue to fight for the good of the town now that Archie isn’t her main mission or will she get a little darker now that her heart is hurting? We can’t wait to see, but either way – we can’t wait to watch Veronica be in charge of her own story for a while!

And no offense to Archie, but he is a hot mess right now. Veronica deserves to find some happiness and stability while he sorts out his craziness.

What do you think about that big Varchie split? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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