Here are the clues you may have missed in the new Captain Marvel trailer

That's no normal kitty.

March 8 is upon us, Marvel fans! The latest superhero to join the MCU is of course Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers. As fans know, this film is set in the past (pre-eyepatch and head of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury—he’s just an agent in this film).

The trailer shows a little bit more into the film’s premise and how it plays into the larger part of the MCU, most significantly how it will influence Infinity War: Part 2. Watch below:

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The Cosmic Wonder YouTube channel provides a full breakdown of all of the Easter eggs and clues in the trailer (see video below). Here’s a quick recap of what the video lays out:

The Quantum Realm

Fans of Ant-Man and The Wasp were introduced into the Quantum Realm, discovering it has some mystical aspects, even giving humans powers (read: Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Michael Douglas’ wife that gets stuck in the Quantum Realm for decades.)

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SPOILER WARNING FOR ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: We find out in the post-credits’ scene of the film that Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) gets stuck in the Quantum Realm as Thanos wipes out half of the universe.

Fans are of course predicting that the connection between the Captain Marvel film and the existing MCU will likely be Carol Danvers meeting up with Scott Lang in the Quantum Realm. *Queue hilarious on-screen chemistry*

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The Kree/Skrull war

The MCU introduced the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, when Ronan the Destroyer (played wonderfully by Lee Pace, who is returning to the role in Captain Marvel), tried to use an Infinity Stone to lead his cause to wipe out those not loyal to him.

The Skrull are enemy to the Kree, and the trailer hints that the Kree are manipulating Captain Marvel to fight their war. Jude Law plays an officer of the Kree (this guy is on FIRE RN), who likely is loyal to Ronan (who is not yet called “The Destroyer”, BTW.)

Carol’s Cat

At the end of the trailer we see Nick Fury petting an adorable cat. This actually isn’t a cat at all, but part of an alien race called Flerken. Take a peek at the cool infographic below from Fandom on the alien, plus its ties to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Watch the full video with all of the Captain Marvel trailer Easter eggs here:

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Captain Marvel comes out March 8, 2019.


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