‘Shadowhunters’: 8 gifts for the Malec fan on your list

Or yourself - we won't judge!

Oh, Malec. Alec and Magnus’ coupling is one of the greatest love stories to ever grace our televisions and we love it. From their first meeting, to the finale of 3A and every moment in between – Malec has proven time and time again that they deserve every bit of hype and adoration that the Shadowhunters fandom has so passionately thrown at them.

If you’re like us, we want to wear our fandom pride like a badge of honor (and great taste). And whether you are shopping for others or just want to treat yourself, we have gathered our favorite Malec (and Malec inspired) gift options on the internet for your shopping pleasure!

Malec Hoodie (Amazon)

Keep warm and cozy this winter as you wait for Shadowhunters to return on Feb. 25, 2019! This hoodie comes in 9 different colors and will let you rock your OTP in style!

Malec Drinkware – Beer Stein (Amazon)

Malec Drinkware – Martini Glass (Amazon)

Host your own Malec cocktail hour with these martini glasses and beer steins! (Filled with your choice of age appropriate beverages of course!) #StanResponsibly


Magnus Bane Candle (Etsy)

No matter what happens, their love keeps on burning bright and we love that there is actually a candle you can own inspired by the High Warlock of Brooklyn! Check it out HERE!

Magnus Bane inspired soap (Etsy)

This soap looks absolutely magical and may help keep your Malec shower thoughts clean (maybe).

Sandalwood Shampoo (Amazon)

This isn’t mixed by a Warlock, but it’s probably still better than the shampoo at the Institute!

Malec Throw Pillow (Redbubble)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pillow? NO! You have not. They come in many different sizes and we want them all!

Malec Inspired Charm Bracelet (Etsy)

Per the shop listing, the charms include a Tarot Card, Pentagram, Love Rune, “Enough” lettered charm, Bow and Arrow and an Angel Wing charms. LOVE!

Malec is a gift in itself, so if you don’t find a gift on this list that you love, just binge the show again! Happy shipping and happy shopping!

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What Malec merch do you love the most? Hit the comments or chat us up on Twitter! We are always down for some Shadowhunters chats!

Shadowhunters 3B will premiere on Freeform February 25th! 


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