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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 8: The Yogurt Shop Murders”

The still "unsolved" crime that rocked Austin, Texas in 1991

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast: Episode 8, “The Yogurt Shop Murders”

The Yogurt Shop murders rocked Austin, TX in 1991 when four teenage girls (Amy Ayers, Sarah Harbison, Jennifer Harbison, and Eliza Thomas) were found murdered in a burning building. The hunt for the killers went on for years until four men were questioned (for a second time), leading to two of them being arrested and convicted. Even though both men confessed, it was controversial and is still widely debated.

Their convictions didn’t offer finite closure either, because a decade later (thanks to DNA testing and a legal loophole), both men were released. Even today, tips still pour in about these horrific murders and the theories surrounding the case have never stopped swirling.

Brad, Lindi, and Jasmine discuss the follow in “The Yogurt Shop Murders”:

  • The facts of the crime
  • The four men suspected and the two who were convicted a decade later
  • The confessions of Michael Scott and Robert Springsteen
  • Their release from prison due to a DNA test and legal loophole
  • The two mystery men who were seen in the shop that night but never identified
  • Alternate theories as to what happened to the girls

Listen to Episode 8:


If you’re interested in learning more about this case, the 48 Hours episode about the murders is a must-watch and will give you all the basics. Also, be sure to read CBS News‘ in-depth article about the Yogurt Shop Murders.

Other notable sources for this episode include Texas Monthly, The Austin Chronicle, Crime Feed, True Crime Daily, and Find Law (Scott v. State).

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A true crime podcast all about the murders, gross injustices, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracies that send us down the rabbit hole. Hosted by Brad, Jasmine, and Lindi of Pure Fandom.

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