‘Daredevil’ season 3 finale recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “A New Napkin”

The three-way dance for the ages!

Daredevil season 3 finale recap and review: “A New Napkin”, Aired on Oct. 19th, 2018

This is it, my friends. The endgame is here. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen vs the Kingpin of Crime. The fate of Hell’s Kitchen hangs in the balance! But before we get into that…what preceded this final battle is every bit as good.

Is a man without hope really a man without fear?

Matt’s been fighting multiple wars this season and the most intense one has been for his own soul. Daredevil has been making the lead character fight really hard for his redemption. Fisk continuously getting the upper hand has chipped away at his resolve until he was all out of options. Despite his rage, Matt played things smart by kidnapping Manning to discover that it was Vanessa who ordered Nadeem’s death and Fisk ordered Julie’s death. With this new information, he decides to use Dex’s fragile psyche to his advantage by revealing everything to him.

Breaking the internet from beyond the grave

The happiest night of their lives is gonna take a sharp turn (Marvel/Netflix)

Foggy meets with Nadeem’s wife Seema and she receives a video that Nadeem recorded as his dying declaration that details every crime Fisk committed. Elsewhere, Wilson and Vanessa get married at the hotel. Wilson, decked out in a white tux, is the happiest he’s ever been. Vanessa’s back in his life, he’s a free man again. It’s pretty fitting he’s wearing white…it’s gonna get messy real quick!

Karen posts gets Nadeem’s video everywhere and when the reception sees it, everything turns to hell. Dex crashes the wedding with a huge bone to pick with Vanessa. Matt uses Dex as his Trojan horse to sneak into the hotel. Just as they get out of harm’s way in his penthouse, Fisk has a date with a Devil

Nowhere left to run!

GOOSEBUMPS!! (Marvel/Netflix) giphy.com

It all comes down to these two men, the air they breathe and the utter hate they share for one another and sh*t gets real!. It’s every comic book fan’s dream as Daredevil vs Bullseye vs Kingpin unfolds. Each style is on display, DD’s grit and well-rounded combat, Dex’s uncanny aim and Kingpin’s brute strength. I can’t overstate the goosebumps I felt as it went on. I audibly winced when Fisk rammed Dex into the corner of a fireplace and his spine broke (OUCH!) and it brought it back to Daredevil and Kingpin and he proceeds to beat the ever-living sh*t out of him and thanks to some intervening from Vanessa stops short of killing him.

God knows I want to, but you don’t get to destroy who I am! You will go back to prison and you will live the rest of your miserable life in a cage knowing you’ll never have Vanessa! That this city rejected you! it beat you! I BEAT YOU!

This three-way dance just reeks of finality. Matt has saved himself from the brink and he regains his soul and it was so cathartic seeing him come out of this stronger than he’d ever been. A deal with the Devil is struck as Wilson agrees to return to prison and he’ll leave Foggy and Karen alone if Matt promises to not reveal Vanessa’s involvement in Nadeem’s death. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio are acting soulmates. These two bring out the absolute best in one another.

I smiled huge when he uttered the last three words! (tumblr.com)

The last 10 minutes of the season finale features a eulogy for Father Lantom, the Nelson family deli continues business no longer under Fisk’s thumb and Matt has found finally found peace in his life. He, Foggy and Karen are together again and they all decide to reboot the firm as Nelson, Murdock and Page. They reunite over drinks and they look forward to a brighter future together and they even poke fun at Jessica Jones’ instability (haha!).

Together again! (Marvel/Netflix)

Dex is recovering at a doctor’s table with a big X-Men connection in Dr. Oyama (Lady Deathstrike’s dad!) working on his rebuilding his broken spine. The last shot of the season has a close-up of Dex’s eye with two circles…are we witnessing the birth of Bullseye?

Thus ends what is arguably the best season of Marvel/Netflix television ever made. It hurts me that I’ll never get to see season 4 as it was announced before the weekend that Netflix has cancelled Daredevil. As heartbreaking and shocking as it is to hear. It can at least go out on top. Thank you to the whole cast and crew on making magic for three spectacular seasons! I’ll never forget you!

Keeping the Kitchen clean! (Marvel/Netflix)

Good luck following that, Punisher and Jessica Jones. You’ll need it.

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