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Emma and Hook gifs that make us SWOON

On the second day of Shipmas my TV gave to me: Emma and Hook getting swoony. (Thanks, Meg, for this line!)

I’ve chosen the best Captain Swan gifs that make my heart leap from its chest. That sounds weird, but you know as well as I do that it’s completely accurate. From heartfelt admissions of love to the heat-of-the-moment romancing, Emma and Hook are a ship that sails itself. Seriously, they’re the best and I miss them.

Pancakes…who knew?


Who knew pancakes could make you swoon? I’m going to hate myself for using this saying, but this scene was FIRE. I literally almost fell off my bed during this scene, which would have hurt because dorm beds are like 50 feet from the ground. And then Snow walked in on them, so there was that. Otherwise, I think this is a favorite of the Captain Swan fandom. You’ll never look at pancakes the same again.

This scene also highlighted the fact that Emma admitted that she was FINALLY happy. That she was surprised how happy she was, just from being with Hook. Hook admits the same. If that’s not swoon-worthy, I honestly don’t know what is.



That quote deserves to be in all caps because honestly, this scene was the sweetest to ever exist. Get a man who is willing to trade his ship — his home — for you. This is the scene were Emma knew that Hook truly cared for her and vice versa. I shipped them before this moment, but this scene solidified it for me. I knew Captain Swan would be ENDGAME. *plays Taylor Swift’s “End Game” in the background*

“You traded your ship for me?”


It was only one word, but it was all Emma needed to hear. Her walls were slowly crumbling for Hook. I mean, whose wouldn’t? She knew he would be the man whom she would give her heart to. I ship it x 100.

The product of true love


It was bittersweet to see Emma and Hook again in the second episode of season 7. However, when we found out Emma was pregnant, I about punched someone in the face out of excitement. The scene before they go through the portal back to Storybrooke, gave me all the feels.

We see Hook press his hand against Emma’s stomach and her holding his hand against it. If that didn’t make you tear up, I can’t help but think you might be a robot. At that moment, Emma and Hook got their happy beginning and were having their own product of true love. BEAUTIFUL.

A wedding to remember


This was the happiest day of my, I mean their, life. After seasons and seasons of angst and drama and monsters, Emma and Hook finally tied the knot. It was the most perfect TV wedding ever. Plus, it was a musical, so it had that going for it.

I want my wedding to be a musical. Future husband: take notes.

It was just nice to see them happy and looking forward to the future after the crap they both endured. We don’t talk about what happened seconds after they married, but it was sweet while it lasted. Their vows were something out of a fairytale, and I found myself swooning along with them.

This song is also such a jam.

No darkness…just love


This scene is my jam. The words “I love you.” Seems simple enough, but for Emma and Hook, these words were big. Both of them had been scorned by love, so to see them in love with each other is all kinds of perfect.

Sure, they said those words to each other before. This time was different because they weren’t being sucked into a cloud of darkness or being evil together or stuff like that. So this scene was pretty dang important and amazing and cute and everything. There are no words.

And who isn’t a sucker for lift kisses? It’s like a Hallmark moment depicted by OUAT. I’m here for it.

I could go on but I won’t. Let’s be real, I think every moment between these two is swoon-worthy. Fight me. Anyway, what are your favorite Emma and Hook moments that make you swoon? Sign off below or tweet us!

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