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‘Bellarke’: The ship that should be sailing by now

The writing has always been leading there, so what's the deal?

Season 6 of The 100 is full of mystery and intrigue as the characters are facing a whole new world! They were forced to leave Earth behind forever after witnessing it’s destruction – yet again.

The previous five seasons have been filled with turmoil, trauma with a few dashes of triumph for good measure. There has been love, there has been loss and then there’s Bellarke.

Bellamy and Clarke have been at the center of this show from the start. And in a lot of ways, they are the two sides of the same coin, both driven by a sense of duty that puts others first and themselves second.

We have seen them rely on each other, miss each other, lose each other and now here we are – at the gates of a new season and it’s time to address the Bellarke shaped elephant on the ship.

Bellarke just needs to happen already.

At some point or another, every character has acknowledged what Clarke and Bellamy mean to each other, but the end of Season 5 saw a little shift in that usual dance. Madi told Bellamy that Clarke was calling him everyday and it was clear that this revelation was important to Bellamy.

That small moment opened a door that needs to stay open because let’s be real, the writing has always been building to a Bellarke coupling. Yes, they have both had (and have) romances – very important ones and a romance between Bellamy and Clarke wouldn’t diminish or erase that.

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Clarke had a massively important love/loss with Lexa and while we will never agree with how that all went down, we are happy that the writers let Clarke acknowledge how important that love is to her and gave her ample time to heal before pushing her into another romance.

And in a galaxy far, far away (more figuratively than literally) Bellamy fell in love with Echo. It’s a couple that hasn’t really clicked for fans given her past transgressions, but here we are. Also, Becho developed off screen and that’s likely why fans haven’t embraced them.

Do you know who DID develop on screen – FOR FIVE WHOLE SEASONS?! Bellarke! The writing has always leaned into this connection and it’s undeniable at this point. The longing looks, the camera focused touches – the groundwork has been laid and laid well.

The source material books on which this show was inspired has Bellamy and Clarke engaged! It’s not likely that they be there when Season 6 gets started (obvi), but these patient fans have waited long enough to see this endlessly teased couple actually be a couple.

And hey, if they do get together and it doesn’t work, that’s fine – but at least try it.

Bottom line, it’s time for The 100 to actually explore this dynamic romantically and deliver on the hundreds of Bellarke moments it has built upon because this slow burn is starting to feel more like a tire fire. And The 100 fans are tired.

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May we meet again in Season 6!

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