‘Runaways’ Season 2 Trailer: 8 best moments

Straight Outta Brentwood.

The Pride has eyes and ears everywhere. Season 1 of Runaways ended with the gang of kids finally on the lam after 10 episodes of cat-and-mouse. The show, unlike Brian K. Vaughn’s first run, took its time fleshing everyone out.

The parents got some added nuances and somehow made them sympathetic figures and it diverted from the source material in lots of ways by having Amy, Nico’s sister, whose death was the catalyst to her, Alex, Chase, Karolina, Gert and Molly drifting apart.

That was then, this is now

Season 2 looks to hit the ground running and this trailer packs a lot of goodness!

Here’s several moments that stand out!

Old Lace makes everything better!

Good luck hiding a deinonychus in plain sight! (Marvel/Hulu)

The Pride’s reach exceeds their grasp

There’s no lengths they’ll go to bring them home. (Hulu/Marvel)

The Pride has hooked themselves up with a dope HQ that’ll track the kids’ every move. They better keep their heads on a swivel.

Wake up!

He won’t be out for long (Hulu/Marvel)


Victor Stein (played by a wildly charismatic James Marsters) got taken out of the proceedings halfway through the season. He was dealing with his wife, Janet cheating on him with Robert Minoru (Nico’s dad), an incurable brain tumor and his tenuous relationship with Chase.

This shot says that he’ll be back in the game soon enough and so much has happened.

am your father . . .

Join me (Hulu/Marvel)

In a big diversion from the comics. Jonah (played by former Dr. Doom Julian McMahon) entered the picture as the threat behind the threat. He’s the real head honcho of Pride and on top of that, he’s Karolina’s biological father.

His presence could mean a lot of things in the coming season. Are all the families gonna get on the same page to stop him?

Who can you trust?

Who’s it gonna be?!? (Hulu/Marvel)

Alex has been something of a wildcard. He doesn’t have any powers himself but he’s got smarts and Nico had her suspicions during episode 6 where he figured out the passcode pretty easily to get into a Tina’s office during a banquet.

Karolina and Jonah’s relationship does bring more questions than answers and there’s a moment in the comics where it’s revealed that [REDACTED] is a double agent. It remains to be seen if the show pulls the trigger on one character’s heel turn.

Who’s the new guy?


S2 is going bigger, so it’s only right that a character from the comics makes his debut. Topher (pictured above) is the first friendly (?) face they run into in Season 2. Will he be accepted with open arms?

Deanoru. That is all.

You hear that?, there’s a lot squeeing going on! (Hulu/Marvel)

Aside from the shifting dynamics, it’s good to see Karolina find some happiness through all this chaos and it’s with Nico.


I see you…(Hulu/Marvel)

Last but not least, the trailer featured a great homage to Runaways #9 where Alex was peering through the portrait…

Jealousy just reared its head. (Runaways #9, Marvel, Art by Adrian Alphona)

Runaways is going full speed ahead and it’s poised to outrun S1 if the trailer is any indication!

Season 1 of Runaways is now streaming on Hulu and Season 2 will drop, in its entirety, on December 21st!

all images are provided for by Hulu/Marvel

Featured image: Hulu/Marvel



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