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Legacies 1×05: Here’s what that new clue about Landon could mean

Can you say, alternate dimensions?

This post contains spoilers for ‘Legacies’ 1×05, “Malivore”, aired November 29, 2018

In this week’s Legacies discussion, we’re breaking down what the heck that clue about Landon’s mom/identity could mean. We now know that Landon’s mom’s name is/was Seylah, and we know that she fiercely rocked a plaid flannel (see photo of her adoringly holding Landon).

This photo brings up a few important things:

  • Seylah looks VERY happy to be holding her son, so why would she give up him for adoption? Unless she was forced?
  • Seylah is wearing a necklace with the symbol the tree spirit lady drew before she passed. Apparently this symbol is a bad omen, because it’s controlling these creatures to retrieve the knife on its/her/his behalf.

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What could this symbol—which also happens to be on Landon’s mom’s necklace—mean?

A recent Reddit thread predicts that these creatures could be coming from “the dark dimension”, which is present in The Vampire Diaries book series. Apparently this dimension is “out of time”, which would explain why none of these creatures have been seen—like, ever.

Because this is a “dimension”, it could open up the possibility for alternate universes… which would explain why the tree spirit’s OTL Oliver didn’t remember her. Not to get super nerdy, but an alternate dimension would also explain why Oliver met and fell in love with his current wife in he and the tree spirit’s “meadow”.

These types of symbolic places seem to carry their meaning across multiple dimensions (if we’re going to dive deep into dimension mythology.)

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The “dark dimension” could bring back some of our favorite characters (oh snap!)

If you’re a fan of the Arrowverse on The CW, then you’re well aware of the possibilities of “alternate universes”. If you’re not, here’s the short of it: Alternate universes don’t necessarily have the same fates as the one “we” live in, so if someone died in “our” universe, they could be alive in another.

This means that some of our favorite TVDU characters could either be:

  • Alive as an alternate “self” in this dark dimension;
  • The same person… but stuck in this dark dimension.

Don’t get too excited—I don’t see Stefan Salvatore coming back any time soon (read: never), but it could mean that some of our favorite villains (cough, Kai, cough) could make a much-welcomed appearance.

Kai was in Hell (I think?) when we saw him last, and Stefan and Katherine Pierce destroyed the Hell dimension in Stefan’s sacrifice. Point being, different dimensions are definitely not a new thing in TVDU lore (Kai’s prison dimension, The Other Side, Hell, etc.)

Why this is a REALLY good thing for the show

We already know about witches, vampires, and werewolves. There’s nothing left to uncover there. We’ve had two shows about this already. It seems that Plec & Co. have gone back to the OG TVD source material and taken some exciting new mythologies to uncover. #HereForIt

BONUS: If Plec & Co. are good anything, it’s hyping something up and delivering on it. Remember TVD season 2 and all the teases about the big bad Klaus? I rest my case.

What are your thoughts on this dark dimension theory? Comment below and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh and @Pure_Fandom.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

Featured image: The CW


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