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‘Black Lightning’ 2×07: Top 4 moments from “The Sange”

Things get REALLY electric!

Black Lightning 2×07 recap: Season 2, Episode 7, “The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange”, Aired Nov. 27, 2018

The best part of the week has arrived: Black Lightning is back!

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments:

#1 Black Lightning saves the lost baby

Black Lightning searches South Freeland for the lost twin baby, where he runs into some major trouble. It seemed like Black Lightning had the upper hand against the Sange, until one of the Sange hits him on the back of the head, knocking him out. Next thing we know, Jefferson wakes up and he’s face-to-face with the Looker. OH SH*T!

Within 5 minutes of their meeting, it was very clear (if not before) that the Looker is a white supremacist, racist meta-human, who only cares about the white people in South Freeland. She believes that the white folks should be able to be openly “white and proud,” just like the black folks are with their heritage. Obvi, Miss Looker needs a history lesson and an ass-beating!

The Looker soon gets bored of Black Lightning and gets her minions to electrocute him to death. Bad luck to them, as anyone who truly understood Black Lightning’s powers would know that it don’t come from his suit, so removing his suit won’t take away his powers.

Ugh, what a dumb, b**ch. Black Lightning kindly thanks them for powering him up, ready to take them out with a few bolts of lightning.

Black Lightning saves the day again, and gets the missing twin baby to safety – yay! Now what would Freeland do without him? I think we all will dread to think of that answer …

#2 Thunder vs The Looker

I think this might be my favorite fight scene of the season: Thunder vs the Looker. Anissa did not come to play, she came to slay, and kick the Lookers ass.

After Anissa gets Anaya, the twin babies, and the rest of the Perdi to safety, she gets suited up and ready to take down the Looker. The fight goes Anissa’s way until near the end and the Looker gets the upper hand. The looker is ready to kill Thunder, until Black Lightning arrives right on time to save her.

With the father/daughter duo taking on the Looker together, it didn’t take long to eliminate the threat. The Looker becomes impaled on a piece of metal, nearly killing her. Due to that, the Sange’s under her control get released, and they run off before they face the consequences to their actions.

The looker gets turned over to the A.S.A., making it Thunder/Black Lightning: 1; The Looker: 0.

#3 Jefferson and Gambi are reunited

As Black Lightning is getting the twin baby to safety, he notices the drone Gambi used that crashed in the forest. Black Lightning puts two-and-two together, and realizes that maybe Gambi must be secretly hiding out somewhere.

Jefferson later is able to track down a place he believes Gambi is living at. He knocks at the door, and who answers? Gambi of course. Both look as shocked as each other. After a few sarcastic comments, they share a touching hug. Jefferson reminds Gambi that he will always be family.

#4 Khalil and Jennifer reconcile

Jennifer meets with her therapist and shares her concerns about how her parents being too overly protective with her powers. She cannot leave her house, and feels trapped in a place she should feel free in. Jennifer can’t take anymore of it, and needs a way to make them understand her.

Jennifer secretly meets with Khalil later, where she convinces him to stand up against Tobias. She knows his worth and wants Khalil to know that “she got him,” and that he is good and he doesn’t need to carry on down this dark path.

Khalil gets hyped up to do what’s right, and pays reverend Holt a visit. Khalil tries to force him to leave town again, but Holt is stubborn and won’t stand down. Khalil ends up giving up and leaves, only to bump into Tobias. Um, I’m officially scared!

Khalil runs and hides in a dark alley, in an attempt to loose Tobias’ men. He calls Jennifer to say goodbye, since who knows what would happen to him if Tobias finds him. But Jennifer ain’t having it, and rushes off to save him.

Jennifer takes out the lights and electronics in the near-by area, and grabs Khalil to safety. Once they are both safe, the two get closer than ever, and share an electric kiss. Yes, a literal electric kiss. Here’s hoping things can work out, even if he did try kill her dad once …

Side note: Can we PLEASE have more of Anissa and Grace? I love them together so much. Y’all have to agree with me, right? #ThunderGrace

Cute af!

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