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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×06 “Tender is the Nate”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 6, “Tender is the Nate” Aired November 26, 2018.

Legends of Tomorrow continues to up their game, every time I turn on my television. This week is Ava Sharpe’s Birthday and we all get to celebrate! The writers gave us so many goodies, but also feels. Let’s check out what Captain Lance had in store for Director Sharpe!

Happy Birthday, Ava!


Ava Sharpe is in her office going through paperwork. Otherwise known as the world’s most boring Birthday. Suddenly she hears a knock on the door. Sara walks in and removes her coat. She is wearing lingerie.

“Happy Birthday, Director Sharpe.”

“Oh, sweet God.”

Am I writing fan fiction? No. The writers gave us this scene! Sara’s seduction is interrupted by Hank. He is mad at Ava for letting the Legends budget get so high. The audience of course is not paying attention to a word he is saying, because Sara is hilariously dodging and weaving around Hank in her underwear!

The Ride-along.


Nate decides to bring Hank on a Legends ride-along, so that he can see first hand what they do. This mission must go well for the gang or else they all get fired. Sara and Nate split the team up. Ray, John, Charlie, and Zari must stay on the ship. Mick, Hank, Nate, and Sara go on the mission.

  • Hank runs into Hemmingway and fan girls all over the place.
  • Sara and Nate find out from Dali, that a monster is running loose around town.
  • The monster he drew does not look like anything so no one can decipher it.

Eventually Charlie gets a good look at it and says it’s a minotaur. Once again Charlie for the win! Now that they know what it is, Nate must figure out how to fight it. Meanwhile, Hank is over here still fangirling.

Impromptu Birthday Party

Space TV

Sara is off impressing Nate’s Dad. What is Ava to do on her birthday? How about getting locked in a cell with two of the coolest chicks around? That sounds like a fun day! Spoiler alert, it was the best thing ever!

  1. Ray wants to give Nora a letter.
  2. Mona gives it to Nora.
  3. Ava tries to take the letter and Nora tells her no. Since her emotions were running high, her powers activated and blew out the circuitry.

Now Nora, Mona, and Ava are trapped in the cell with a birthday cake and wine. Cut to the best female bonding ever. Ava and Nora compare their messed up lives. Mona reminds them that they are both awesome. Ava has the best birthday ever! New friends!

Minotaur Lullaby


A lullaby with a small string instrument will put the minotaur to sleep. Unfortunately Nate’s breaks. After this, the unexpected happens. Hank Heywood saves the day! How? With his beautiful singing voice and mad guitar playing skills!

He grabs a guitar and starts singing James Taylor. In the words of Sara Lance,

“What is happening?”

All of the sudden uptight Hank became sexy Hank. He puts that minotaur asleep. Hank did the damn thing! This little adventure is just what the Legends needed to secure their futures at the Time Bureau. Nate approves their expenses and lets them keep their jobs. Best of all he and Nate have a good time!

This episode seemed like a send off for Nate. He and the Legends had a pizza party goodbye. Will you miss Nate on the Wave Rider, or are you happy to have him at the Bureau? Sound off in the comments!

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