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‘Supergirl’ recap: 4×07 “Rather the Fallen Angel”

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “Fallen Angel” Aired November 25, 2018.

This week’s episode had many storylines going on at once and you know what? It worked perfectly! The Supergirl writers out did themselves this week. Each character had their own adventure. Let’s see what our super team got into!

Friend or Foe?

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Manchester Black is back. He continues to run into Supergirl on his hunt to track down Agent Liberty. Kara is unsure of his motives and continues to refuse his help. After a talk with J’onn she decides to give Manchester a chance. This is what the duo find out.

  • The Children of Liberty shipped something to the docks.
  • They go to the docks and find a package slip and an empty container.
  • Brainy uncovers the item in question is a small bomb, with the equivalency of a nuclear weapon.

Manchester and Supergirl must race to find the bomb. First, they need to figure out where it is being stowed. Little do they know, another is on the case. James is on his way to meet Liberty on Shelly Island.

The Decision


The Children of the Liberty blindfold James and take him to the island. James thinks he is coming to the island for an interview with Liberty, he is quite wrong. Liberty meets with him fully masked.

He extends his offer for the second time. Liberty wants James to be the face of their cause. James refuses. Agent Liberty comes at it from a different direction. If he does not comply, he will shoot James’ friend Tom.

  1. James has to go on camera and publicly acknowledge the Children of Liberty.
  2. He must blow up the tower on Shelly Island, that represents the welcoming of aliens.
  3. Then he needs to denounce aliens and call them roaches.

James agrees to spare his friend’s life. Little does he know, who will be in the tower when he hits the switch.

Patient Adam


At the same time everything else is going on, Lena is having trials of her own. Our dear Lena starts her human trials today. What is she doing? She is trying to cure cancer of course! Lena really does have the biggest heart out of everyone.

She is using the substance Kara brought back when she was off planet visiting her Mom. Lena believes with the right components she can make people super, or at least heal their ailments. Her first patient arrives.

It is a tale as old as science. Ms. Luthor starts out treating the patient as a number, not wanting to get involved. This is something scientists must often do. They have to separate themselves from the humanity of it all. Lena being Lena soon begins to care for her patient, Adam.

Unfortunately Adam does not make it. Before Adam passes he tells Lena to continue. What she is doing matters.


The CW

Supergirl and Manchester arrive on the island. Since the island was used to transition aliens into the city, it has power dampeners on it. Kara comes prepared with a sun grenade so she can get her powers back once they pass through the dampeners.

Manchester betrays her. She goes to throw the grenade and it doesn’t explode. He took out the core when she wasn’t looking.


“My new mates offered me a trade. You for an audience with Liberty.”

Our new friend betrayed us. His craving for vengeance overpowered his care of Supergirl. Without her powers she is captured and thrown into the tower. The tower that James is about to blow up.


The Children of Liberty do not take Manchester to the real Liberty. He turns on them and lets Supergirl out right before James blows the tower up. Manchester shoots out the power dampeners.

James gears up and the fight begins. The three get off the island. Manchester is in the wind. J’onn apologizes to Supergirl for believing in him. It’s not your fault, J’onn! We all wanted to believe in him!

What will happen to our team after this betrayal? We will see! Join us next week for another episode!

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