‘Manifest’ 1×09: Jaw dropping moments from “Dead Reckoning”

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Dead Reckoning,” aired Nov. 26, 2018.

I don’t even know how to express my emotions from this episode, so I’m just going to go with: S*** WENT DOWN! This was a fall finale that left me with my jaw on the ground and wanting more, more, more. Alas, we have to wait about six weeks until we can see what goes down next. Plus, we were introduced to the shadiest character, like, ever. Let’s dig in.

It’s go time

Ben and Michaela are on a quest to save the missing passengers from the grasps of the people torturing them with some shockwave thing. Abruptly, Ben bails on Olive and Cal to go save the passengers with Fiona and Vance in tow after a woman from the flight comes to him, horror in her eyes. Have I mentioned that I liked the bromance happening between Ben and Vance? It certainly was an unexpected team.

It isn’t until the team finds nobody in sight that Cal appears on the site, telling Ben they are there. His picture points them to a hidden doorway, and only Ben will be able to save the passengers from the horror they’re facing. Ben and the team find the missing passengers all being tortured by Fiona’s research, and they start escaping before the room erupts in flames. Well, crap.

Ben is the only one, like Cal said, that was able to see the path lights to guide most of them to safety. Not to mention he was the only one who saw the peacock, which has to play an important role in something. I just don’t’ know what part it will play, but it has to mean something.

Most of them escape unscathed, but not everyone survives to tell the tale. Yes, we have the death of one of the more major characters of the show. I didn’t think I’d be sad by it, but Vance losing his life during the explosion got me in the feels. I just can’t even believe that. Jared also almost lost his life, but thankfully he held on.

Girl, bye

Grace is beyond mad at Ben when he comes home with a missing Cal. Ummmm…how did you not notice your son wasn’t in the house? I blame Grace partially for that because come on. She’s quick to blame Ben, but she’s in the wrong here too.

It causes a chain reaction, and Grace and Ben have a blow-up. They no longer work together, and Grace tells Ben that he needs to get out of the house. She also tells him that he can’t take the kids. Too far, Grace. Way too far. This is why she’s the worst. See, I have my reasons behind why I don’t like her.

Grace tells Ben that he has no idea what she’s been through. She had to grieve her son whom she assumed was dead for over five years. It’s kind of hypocritical of her, though, because she doesn’t understand what Ben has gone through either. She’s quick to play the victim when sometimes she’s in the wrong as well.

Unfortunately, Olive has to hear the whole fight. Poor, Olive. I think she’s going to go through some rebellion in the second half of the season with everything going on in her life. Sigh.

Ben goes to the boiler room where Autumn, Michaela and Saanvi arrive. It’s a somber reunion — everything is getting worse before it gets better.

To trust or not to trust (definitely not trust)

So, let’s talk about this new chick Autumn. She comes to Ben at his house, pleading with him to help her and the other passengers. She seems innocent enough, just a woman calling out for help.

Lol turns out that this chick is a lot more conniving than she looks. She’s working alongside that shady dude who used to work with Vance (RIP). Autumn is just getting close to Ben and Michaela to screw everything up, and I am not here for it. Leave them alone!

Madeline’s musings

  • Uhhh where was Lourdes at the hospital when her husband was practically on his deathbed?
  • I’m actually pretty torn up about Vance. He was turning over a new leaf.
  • Grace can get out. Like, bye.
  • I bet she’s going to run back to Danny and use him as a rebound. He deserves better than that.
  • Ben and Saanvi, come on.
  • Also, I would love more scenes between Michaela and Saanvi!
  • I don’t trust Fiona either. Idk.
  • I’m actually not here for Jared and Michaela getting back together. Sorry but I just can’t get on board.
  • I need answers, man.

Well, buckle up for the hiatus until the show is back in January. Gosh, I forgot how much I don’t like hiatuses — they are the worst. You know who else is the worst? Grace, yup. Anyway, this was an epic fall finale, and I can’t wait to see what transpires next! What did you think of the finale? Sound off below or tweet us!

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