‘Daredevil’ recap and review: Season 3, Episode 9, “Revelations”

The truth will set you free... but first, it'll piss you off

Daredevil recap: Season 3, Episode 9, “Revelations”, Aired Oct. 19, 2018

Warning: Full spoilers will follow…

The truth about Sister Maggie has rocked Matt’s world and he struggles to come to terms with it in this bitter-truths episode.

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Things have been getting even worse for Matt. Dex-as-DD has been dragging ol’ Hornhead’s name through the mud, Fisk has got the FBI in his back-pocket, and Foggy and Karen are caught in the middle. Charlie Cox is in a zone in this episode. The disillusionment gets ramped up after the previous episode’s bombshell reveal. He doesn’t hide his betrayal from Father Lantom, and he retreats to Fogwell’s Gym to cut himself off from the world.

Shame on you.

They’re gonna go the distance (Marvel/Netflix)

We’re treated to a flashback of how Jack and Maggie first met, and it was during a boxing match that they hit it off. Then, it quickly jumps to Matt’s birth and Maggie’s bout with postpartum depression. The fact they Maggie and Lantom hid this from him for all these years was just awful and it became the root of Matt’s abandonment issues.

The hallucination technique returns when Jack (and Fisk) help draw out his anguish, and it climaxes with Matt beating the imaginary Fisk half to death.

No one is safe.

Karen’s feeling the full weight of her meet-cute with Fisk, and she’s on a tailspin until Maggie offers her sanctuary in the church. Foggy’s DA campaign has hit a roadblock as Felix Manning, Fisk’s cleaner threatens to hurt his family unless he issues a public apology about speaking out against him.

Last but not least, Nadeem is now officially under Fisk’s thumb as his superior, Tammy Hattley, blackmails him into working for him. Hattley explains to him that this has been going on for over a year and his sister-in-law’s chemotherapy was a step in his plan to sway the FBI. Hattley had a child that Fisk also killed. As charismatic as D’Onofrio is, Fisk has shifted from sympathetic to utterly detestable.

Roundtable talk (Marvel/Netflix)

The episode culminates with a two-pronged sequence. Fisk has a secret meeting with some mob bosses including Luke Cage’s Rosalie Carbone (Annabella Sciorra). Daredevil has kept the cameos to a minimum so far, and it was cool to see her in that scene. Matt makes a beeline into the hotel to wait for Fisk, despite Nadeem’s warning of a meeting between Fisk and the mob bosses.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger where he overhears that some FBI agents have located Karen at the church, and now Matt has got a decision to make: Exact revenge on Fisk or go save Karen.

Thankfully, the next episode will provide an answer!

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