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‘Black Lightning’ 2×06: Top 4 moments from “The Perdi”

Who and what are the Sanjay?

Black Lightning 2×06 recap: Season 2, Episode 6, “The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi”, Aired Nov. 20, 2018

My favorite time of the week is here: Black Lightning is back!

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments:

#1 Gambi is alive

My thoughts were right about Gambi: he is alive and well! Or, maybe not so well exactly … We start off with seeing Gambi torturing one of the men who chased him down and ‘attempted’ to kill him.

Despite Gambi’s torture methods, the guy wont give up any information on who ordered the kill. This leaves Gambi no other choice but to take him out for good. My guess is that it had to have been connected to Tobias and he ordered the hit on Gambi.

I can also only assume that Gambi won’t reveal that he is still alive until he finds out who tried to kill him. We can hope that Jefferson and the Pierce family don’t suffer too much in the mean time.

Later, it is revealed in a flashback how Gambi actually escaped from the attack. He smartly planted an explosive in his SUV, so as he was getting chased, he jumped out the car and set off the bomb. That way from the attackers point of view, all they saw was the car exploding, making it look like Gambi died in the explosion.

#2 The Looker and the Sanjay are introduced

“There’s a lady who calls herself Looker. My dad says she came to town about 30 years ago. She has this silver which she calls element. She used it to turn the white folks into Sanjay.”

Anissa is travelling to South Freeland in order to see the pregnant girl, Anaya, after he boyfriend dies (mysteriously) and he ushers Anissa to go save her. Once Anissa is there, travelling through the woods, she comes across Anaya’s family and friends. They weren’t too forthcoming of an unusual intruder to their home, but once Anaya sees her, all is well.

Unfortunately Anissa has to deliver the bad news to Anaya that her boyfriend Deacon is dead. This sends Anaya into labor as she is clearly distressed from the bad news. Anissa springs into action and helps deliver her baby. Ah, but there is a surprise: Anaya is having twins.

What is even more surprising is that one baby is light skinned and one baby is dark skinned. This sends her parents into a frenzy as they realize the father must be a white man. Anaya fears her father will disown her now.

Anissa doesn’t understand what the big deal is, until Anaya explains the story about the Looker and the Sanjay. In South Freeland, the black people are forced to live in the woods because of the Sanjay (aka white people with superpowers). Yup, you heard that right!

The oh-so-lucky white folks with superpowers have a woman called the Looker to thank for that. It is likely that the Looker was one of the original Green Light vaccine kids, and just like Jefferson, gained powers from it.

However, instead of doing good, she is being bad. The Looker seems to infect people with a silver liquid (element) and from that, it can control the person. The element seems to give people super strength, along with other enhanced abilities. I can’t wait to find out more about the Looker and the Sanjay!

Later, the Looker and the Sanjay attack Anaya and her family. They split up and take one twin each as they try flee to safety. Unfortunately, they don’t all make it back. The looker ends up getting one of the babies, and Anaya’s parents are missing!

Another crazy thing is that the twin babies eyes glow silver. This could be down the father being a Sanjay. So what will that mean for the babies? I’m so intrigued by this new meta-human storyline!

#3 Lynn struggles to cope with the loss of the pod kids

Poor, poor Lynn! Omg, my heart is breaking for her in this episode! Lynn has to deal with the consequences of the 14 Green Light pod kids dying. She is really struggling to cope and is still so upset how Dr. Jace tricked her.

The worst scene was when Lynn had to break the news to all the friends and family of the children, that some of them had died. People start going crazy, demanding answers, but Lynn doesn’t know what to say.

She ends up getting rushed away as people started to make a scene. To be honest, you can understand them, as no one would want to be left in the dark about a family member dying.

As Lynn drives home later on, one of the dads of the children follows her and crashes into her car. He runs out screaming at her window demanding to know what happened. Lynn can’t take it anymore and rushes off home. There, she helps herself to a bottle of liqueur and drinks away her sorrows.

I really hope the family can pull together to help Lynn. I think its a huge burden to bare alone, especially when it wasn’t exactly her fault that it happened.

#4 Hope for Khalil to redeem himself

Khalil seems like he is on the road to redemption – yay! After he finds out that it was Tobias’ fault that he couldn’t walk, and not Black lightning’s, he begins to pull away from Tobias’ grip. Tobias orders Khalil to kill the Reverend, but he doesn’t follow through with it.

Khalil knows he has done wrong and is probably;y scared that it is too late for him. But I truly believe it isn’t too late for anyone.

Khalil back talks Tobias after he reveals that he didn’t kill the Reverend. They break into a fight but Tobias wins – ugh! Tobias just needs to come up with a smart plan to kill Tobias. I think he should make up with Black Lightning, and together they can bring down Tobias.

I really want Khalil to become good again so that he and Jennifer can be together. Right now, he is a no-go until he redeems himself.

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