‘Charmed’ 1×06: Top 5 moments from “Kappa Spirit”

Who you gonna call? The Charmed Ones!

Charmed recap: Season 1, Episode 6, “Kappa Spirit,” Aired November 18, 2018

The Kappa’s are haunted by a ghost and it’s up to Maggie and a reluctant Mel to stop the vengeful spirit and save Lucy. Let’s talk about the top moments from “Kappa Spirit”

#1 Detective Maggie


Maggie’s not ready to give up on Kappa and Lucy just yet, so she makes a last ditch attempt to apologize and shows up at the kappa house close to initiation. Lucy turns her away, and with her is Brenda, a girl Maggie has never seen. Maggie takes one look at Brenda’s pink and blue eye-shadow and knows that something isn’t right with this girl. Trusting her instincts Maggie does some research and finds out that Brenda is actually a ghost, she died in 1989 when she fell off the roof of the Kappa House.

#2 Harry and Macy, friends?


I absolutely love Harry. There, it needed to be said. His relationship with all the sisters is wonderful, but this episode highlighted the connection between Macy and Harry. When Macy needs backup, Harry doesn’t hesitate to offer his services. While their in the attic researching Galvin’s symbol, the two have a very sweet conversation that leads to them declaring that they’re friends. Harry even confesses that the Elders gave him the go-ahead to move back to his place, but he’s been sticking around because he loves being there so much. Guys, please tell me I wasn’t alone in feeling some more than friendly sparks between Macy and Harry? I think I might ship them, and I’m more than okay with this turn of events.

#3 Mel and Maggie visit 1989


That time-travelling scene was way too short! In order to figure out what type of spirit Brenda is, Mel and Maggie get to travel to 1989.  They watch as Brenda gets bullied by the Kappa president, Jenna. The scene then takes an unexpected turn when Mel and Maggie run into their mom,  who is very pregnant with Macy. The girls overhear a conversation where their mom reveals that she’s very worried that there’s something wrong with her baby. It was such a short scene, and I agree with Mel and Maggie that I wanted to see more. The mystery of why Marisol gave up Macy has been set up since the pilot and this hints at something sinister to come.

#4 Macy finds a key


After a very awkward birthday party, Macy figures out that Galvin’s symbol is a protection spell that might be reacting to her. Her quest for answers leads her a haitian priestess who tells Macy she has the Ibi in her, that there is darkness in her. The priestess, also tell her that “the pillar of your past holds the key to your darkness” and turns out, the priestess was actually being literal. Maggie finds a key hidden in the pillars from their house. I have so many questions, and I can’t wait for the answers to come!

#5 Maggie is initiated into Vera Vera Vaughns


They’re only able to vanquish the ghost when Maggie apologizes to Lucy and acknowledges her wrongdoing. Mel is finally able to accept that Kappa was important to Maggie, even if she can’t quite comprehend why. In a very sweet moment, the sisters hold their own initiation into the Vera Vera Vaughns sisterhood. Charmed has been nailing these sisterly heart-to-hearts every week. They also make Harry an honorary member and now I’m wondering who I can talk to about joining?

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Charmed airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW


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