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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×06 “Due Process”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 6, “Due Process” Aired Nov. 19, 2018.

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Maybe a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Can there be a future where Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, and John Diggle are just drinking tea together, on rocking chairs watching the sunset, and someone says, “we did good.”

It doesn’t look like it, and thats the problem.

Boxes, Oliver and Black Siren, and Stan the Psychopath

Oliver does this thing of having people “pegged” from the start. You see it particularly with Stan and Ben Turner (AKA Bronze Tiger). I knew Stan was shady. He has always been way too eager and fanboy-y for my liking. Especially in a place like Slabside, where finding your chill is critical, Stan never found his. Now that we know he is a murderer (not 100% confirmed, but I’m going with it), his behavior makes a lot more sense. Because you know, murderers are not exactly chill human beings (I know I was all “please don’t die, Stan” last episode but that was mostly because he was serving as an Olicity proxy).

Additionally, there is the Black Siren of it all. She actually says to Oliver to not put her in a box. My reaction to their scenes were a mix of “Oliver that was kind of harsh, but all around true” and “thats right Black Siren, defend yourself.” I know, I’m surprised too. Yes, Black Siren representing Oliver is very laughable, and Oliver should question her motives. But he also didn’t know that Black Siren has been one of the only people helping Felicity. When she informs him of this fact, he’s all like “no, she would have told me.” This is where I got annoyed with my sweet bean.

A) Lets be real Oliver, you have absolutely no leg to stand on when it comes to telling Felicity things and keeping her in the loop.

B) Also, why are you acting like you’re in a position to be in constant communication with your wife? You’re in prison.

C) You do know that Felicity isn’t happy about your decision to go to prison, right? Or are you living comfortably in a place of denial where you think your reunion will only consist of sunshine and sex?

The Darkness of Felicity Smoak

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Felicity was A+++ this episode, and a lot of characters, mainly Diggle and Anatoly, questioned her darkness. Firstly, Diggle… you’re confusing me… what happened to you? Secondly, the Felicity and Anatoly scenes were a lot of fun. Thirdly, even though I think people are over-exaggerating Felicity’s darkness considering what she’s been through and what she’s lost, I do see why anyone will be concerned.

The way I see it, Felicity was looking for any excuse to not pull the trigger. Black Siren gave her that excuse (again, if she’s the Christina to her Meredith, I’m down), so she didn’t. But I believe Felicity Smoak would have shot Diaz inside a SCPD interrogation room, unarmed. She was just looking for any excuse not too. However, Felicity’s “darkness” is a by-product of her worst fears coming true. She still has complete agency in all the decisions she’s making (whether or not you think they are good decisions), and so far they are wielding results.

This experience has changed her forever. How she sees the world, and how she will react to it going forward is going to be different. The question is, is that a bad thing? It’s not a great thing if she’s planning premeditated murder, but a fighting Felicity, a heightened take-no-sh*t Felicity, is a Felicity I can happily respect and understand.

Side note: When Curtis whines about nobody celebrating his birthday, or says things like, “good job, team! We caught Diaz,” an angel loses its wings. Okay, I admit thats dramatic but… is it though? I’m not the only one thats hopped off the Curtis train, ran in the opposite direction, and subsequently pledged their full allegiance to air travel.

Back to the Future

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We discover:

  1. Felicity is dead, and was killed recently (no she isn’t).
  2. Felicity is an evil mastermind called The Calculator (I don’t believe it).
  3. There’s this unspoken rule where no one talks about where Oliver is (because reasons, I guess).
  4. Blackstar is the last person/thing she called before she was murdered (which is probably something bad).
  5. William and Zoe were pretty good friends (I approve of this friendship).
  6. The message inside Oliver’s bow said something about The Mark of Four (whatever that is).

Angst is always welcome on my television screen. However, balance is key. If all we are watching is a dark present and a dark future… then it has to become happiness central amongst inevitable tea-drinking reflection at some point. I have hope.

Arrow is all new Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.

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