What we know about season two of Netflix’s ‘Dark’

An update for anyone else who's been dying for news!

If you’ve been sleeping on Netflix’s Dark, the German-language time-travel hit released last December, you should remedy that immediately. It’s complicated and multi-layered, with a huge cast of characters that span, at least in season one, three time periods: 1953, 1986, and 2019.

Netflix announced a second season shortly after season one’s release, but we’ve been waiting a year for more news. Thankfully, creator Baran bo Odar is posting some sneak peeks on his instagram as they film the new season. Also, we just recently got our first hint at when season two will come out!

Spoilers if you haven’t watched season one.


Season one ended with Jonas Kahnwald transported to a new time in the future. Ulrich Nielsen is still stuck in 1953, Charlotte just found out about time travel, and we have no idea if The Stranger’s plan worked. Our guess is it didn’t.

The creators have confirmed that Jonas is in 2052, so we will get to see what the future of Winden looks like. We will still see all the characters we know and love, as well as new people and other years in the timeline. Also, the new season will be slightly shorter, with eight episodes instead of ten.

Netflix has only released two official images of the show, depicting Jonas adjusting to his new life.

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Release date

People originally thought the next season would arrive by this December, but that’s not the case. Finally, thanks to one of the actors, we’ve got a tentative date. Oliver Masucci, who plays Ulrich Nielsen, posted about his last day, and told a fan in the comments to expect the season in June 2019.

Along with that, he revealed that in total, there are 95 days of filming. As of right now, they’re at day 85 or 86. Almost done!

Script sneak peek

Image: darknetflix instagram

Early this year, Dark‘s instagram account posted a sneak peek to their story of a script for season two. There’s not a lot of new information, but it revealed that we will see 1921, another new year in addition to the future where Jonas is. Also, at the top of the page it says the scene is in “Adam’s room.” New character?

Behind the scenes

Creator Baran bo Odar keeps us updated almost daily on set through his instagram posts. Obviously, the photos don’t give much away, but we get to see hints of what’s happening and who interacts with who in the new season. For example, it looks like we will see a younger Noah!

Image: Baran bo Odar (Andreas Pietschmann as The Stranger/Jonas Khanwald)
Image: Baran bo Odar (Moritz Jahn as Magnus Nielsen, Gina Stiebitz as Franziska Doppler)
Image: Baran bo Odar (Mark Waschke as Noah)
Image: Baran bo Odar
Image: Baran bo Odar (Antje Traue as Agnes Nielsen, Luise Heyer as Doris Tiedemann)
Image: Baran bo Odar (Lea van Acken as Girl from the future)


We can’t wait to see what season two of Netflix’s Dark has in store for us next year!

(Featured Image: Netflix)


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