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‘The Flash’ recap: 5×06 “The Icicle Cometh”

Frosty the Snowman isn't a whole lot of fun.

The Flash episode “The Icicle Cometh” aired 20 November 2018.

It’s only Tuesday, but someone’s family gathering has already gone off the rails.

Caitlin finally found her father this week, only she didn’t really (more on that later), and the family reunion devolved into a frosty feud. Also not having any nice dinners is Cicada, whose personal mission is taking a physical toll on him. He sustained a serious slash wound from tussling with an Edward Scissorhands-esque meta, except instead of scissors for hands, the meta can turn her entire forearms into entire 20-inch blades. He says – through gritted teeth and a lot of pain – the injury makes him stronger though. Does it have something to do with his other wound – the glowing one?

“So, Snow Patrol,

What’s going on?” Cisco quips to Caitlin. Since rebooting DeVoe’s other 4 satellites, he has located Caitlin’s father. Sure enough, the man entered a former Tannhauser black ops site all those years ago – and never came back out. No grocery runs, no short hikes, no morning walks, nil. Caitlin, Barry, and Cisco breach to the North Pole. They find Thomas Snow, still alive somehow, and bring him back to Star Labs. And they lived happily ever after, right?

the flash thomas snow
image: the CW

Nope. The man collapses not too long after arriving in Central City. The team find his cells to be crystallizing. He is literally turning to ice. You see, he had been experimenting with cryogenic therapy to cure his ALS, but things went awry so he quarantined himself. Caitlin’s mother shut down the whole site and kept him there. Caitlin can make a serum to stabilise him, but it must be administered at absolute zero. In other words, they’ll have to break into a government site. Why is Cisco the only one not okay with this?

Cisco feels something not right with Thomas’ story about what he’s been doing all these years. Barry doesn’t want to believe him because Caitlin just got her dad back, like Nora and himself. Cisco returns to the facility and finds skin grafts. He figures Thomas Snow isn’t really Thomas Snow, but his Killer Frost equivalent alter ego, dubbed “Icicle”. If the serum is given to Icicle instead of Thomas Snow, the real Thomas Snow will be suppressed forever.

Killer Frost returns

Meanwhile, Caitlin learns the origin of Killer Frost. She too had the genetic marker for ALS, so Thomas used his cryotherapy on her. Her Killer Frost alter ego developed as a side effect.

Icicle manages to nab the serum and break into the facility himself. The Flash and co head over to stop him, but as the temperature plummets towards absolute zero, they are too cold to function. Only Caitlin is unaffected, and her desperation to save her father and her Star Labs family triggers Killer Frost. KF and Icicle have an icy showdown in which KF destroys the serum. Icicle bolts, but not before Caitlin gets a glimpse of her actual father.

the flash killer frost

Back at Star Labs, Cisco figures that instead of removing Caitlin’s powers with Melting Pot’s abilities, DeVoe must have used Brainstorm’s telepathic powers to create a mental block. This would have prevented Caitlin from accessing Killer Frost. At the end, Caitlin uses Harry’s mental activity dampener to talk to Killer Frost.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Cisco Ramon as best best friend in the universe? These 2 weeks he has put Caitlin before his own physical wellbeing, and worked tirelessly to help her find her father.

the flash cisco ramon

Finding Cicada

While Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco dealt with Thomas Snow, the rest of Team Flash took a two-pronged approach to identifying Cicada. Iris, Sherloque, and Nora tried to find the satellite piece that hit Cicada, while Ralph and Cecile gathered possible names. The former group wound up at a pier, where Sherloque made tea and sang while Iris guided Nora into drawing water away from shore so they could retrieve the satellite core from underwater. Good to see mother and daughter finally getting to spend time together. Only took Iris leaping off a building to change Nora’s attitude.

the flash iris west nora west-allen
image: the CW

Barry assigned Ralph to getting names of people who reported injuries the night of the enlightenment. Ralph needed someone with a badge to get him places, but Joe was on baby duty, so Cecile stepped up. The currently on-leave DA was determined to prove she could still be intimidating. However, she falters while questioning the official of a medical aid camp.

Ralph gives her a pep talk, revealing that she is known to some shadier circles as the feared DA ‘Ce-seal your fate’ Horton. They realise that her abilities must have picked up on the official’s nervousness, and eventually uncover him for insurance fraud. They also get a list of names – none could be Cicada, but one is his daughter!

We also learn that Cicada isn’t the only one with a negative view on metahumans. The doctor who tends to his daughter shares similar sentiments, having seen many patients hurt by metavillians. I’m not sure how she fits in with everything else, but it feels important to have The Flash introduce these alternate perspectives about our heroes.

You don’t have to be a speedster to keep up with The Flash – our Flash Zone has everything you need.

(featured image: the CW and DC comics)


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