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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 4×05 “Tagumo Attacks!!!”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 4, Episode 5, “Tagumo Attacks” Aired November 19, 2018.

Welcome back to another week of monster shenanigans! This week we explore sea monsters, Thanksgiving, and dark magic. We welcome back an old enemy and explore the theatrical world of Tokyo in the 1950s.

Oh, hey Nora!


I could spend this entire time talking about how awesome it is that Nora is back. Don’t tempt me! Why is our favorite Darhk back? Unfortunately it is for an unpleasant reason. John Constantine is dying.

He gave up his life force to save a child. He is slowly dying. Ray is tasked with finding Nora and convincing her to help save him. Where would our wonderful witch be? Why at a Renaissance Faire of course.

These two on screen are fire. Yes we know Courtney and Brandon are married in real life, but it doesn’t make their character’s chemistry any less, brilliant. How does she greet him? She hits him of course! I’m so happy she is back!

A Heywood Thanksgiving


Switching over to the Time Bureau, where #Friendshipgoals are hanging out. (Nate and Ava) They are concluding some business with Nate’s Dad when he invites Ava to Thanksgiving. Ava gets excited and said yes. Nate warns her she should have ran. Hilarity ensues.

  • Nate’s Uncle is getting drunk on the couch.
  • The children are running around like baby demons.
  • The turkey hasn’t even been put in the oven yet.

These scenes basically describe most people’s Thanksgivings. Chaos. What do our Time Bureau Agents do? Drink wine. That’s all you can do. While they are bonding, Gary is at the Bureau flirting with Mona!

All it takes is an imagination


The rest of the Legends, plus Charlie have been tasked to track down the fugitive in Tokyo. I must say the addition of Charlie has been amazing! She literally just drinks this whole episode. Maisie can play anything.

They arrive on the set of a movie studio. Mick, Charlie, Zari, and Sara canvas the studio to try and find something. They run into the Director/Writer. Here is what they find out:

  1. A giant octopus is loose in the ocean.
  2. It, however, is not the fugitive.
  3. The book in which it was created from is.

The book is an old Celtic text that seeks out artists and makes their stories come to life. The only way for the monster to disappear is to finish the story. The writer is having some serious writer’s block at the moment so he isn’t very helpful.

Nora and Mick to the rescue!


In order to save John, Nora must do a magical transfusion. The problem is, Nora doesn’t want the magic back in. She promised her Dad she wouldn’t let dark magic control her anymore. John reminds her there is another way.

“Remember if you choose to let light magic in, you must choose it for yourself, no one else.”

He basically warns her, she must stay on the path of light if she does it. She agrees and gives him the transfusion. She tells Ray for the first time in her life she feels whole. Nora decides to turn herself into the Bureau.

Meanwhile, Zari convinces Mick to embrace his writing talent and pick up the book. Mick writes and ending to the film. A three boobed lady with a sword defeats the sea monster. That’s right, you heard me. Mick’s imagination saves the day.

That is one hell of a Thanksgiving our Legends had! What did you think? Are you glad Nora is back?

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