‘The Good Doctor’ 2×08 recap: “Stories”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “Stories,” aired Nov. 19, 2018.

Let’s get a refresher on some of the latest The Good Doctor episodes before the fall finale! So, here is what went down in episode 8 of season 2.

Morgan and Park…buddies?

Okay, oddly, I am digging their friendship. After Morgan tells Park about her friend who had a baby that she didn’t vaccinate and later died, he didn’t call her out for showing emotion. Because we all know Morgan doesn’t do emotions.

Instead, Park uses her story to tell his patients who won’t vaccinate their child about her friend. However, he replaces Morgan with himself. She overhears it, and she doesn’t seem as miffed as I thought she would be. He was saving her from showing her emotions.

It was interesting because I never thought of Park and Morgan as buddies. I kind of want to see more of that! It’s an unlikely partnership, which I am always here for.

The patient’s mom tells Park to go ahead and vaccinate their son, Finn. However, she didn’t consult her husband beforehand. What is with all these secrets, people?!


This husband and wife drama was crazy. That poor man. Shaun and Claire find out that the wife was pregnant but lost the baby during surgery. Turns out, the husband had had a vasectomy. Thus, she had been cheating on him.

The wife also kisses Shaun when he’s checking up on her. Uh. Shaun, however, finds out that it may be a tumor that’s causing the wife’s cheating, and he quickly goes to tell Lim his theory. Claire disagrees with Shaun, as does Lim.

“The world is sad and very complicated. I wish it wasn’t.” This is an example of why I love Shaun. He realizes much more than what people give him credit for.

Turns out, nothing is wrong with the wife. Shaun declares that she is merely a liar after telling him everything between her and her husband was good. Hmmm. When Claire asks her to draw a clock, they see that she may, in fact, have a tumor.

Shaun declares the betrayal merely medical. The husband is still broken up about the four affairs, which I can’t blame him for. This is a really tricky situation because she really didn’t have complete control. This situation is really sticky!

Melendez vs Claire vs Andrews

This Claire and Melendez drama needs to be resolved asap. Andrews even agrees with me on this one. In fact, he goes as far as telling Melendez it would be hard to make him head of surgery if he doesn’t clear everything up with Claire. Yes, I am for that.

It’s time for Claire and Melendez to be friends again. Or whatever they were before this fiasco. Co-works at least — let’s start there.

They’re both stubborn, and Claire tells Andrews that she has nothing to say to Melendez. I can’t fault Claire on this because Melendez was treating her very unfairly. He should be the one who apologizes and makes things right between them.

Random thoughts

  • You go, Claire, keep standing up for yourself. Girl power!
  • This wife and husband drama was CRAZY, but I’m glad their figured it out.
  • I want Shaun and Glassman to be better friends again!
  • Glassman sure is stubborn. Then again, most everyone on this show is.
  • Make Melendez not a jerk again 2k18.
  • Claire apologizing to Melendez but telling him she doesn’t mean it. GURRRLLL.
  • LOL Park letting Morgan go to the range with him as long as she doesn’t talk.
  • OMG Glassman losing his memory. TEARS.

With each episode, I feel like I could be a doctor. Like, I’m learning so much about different surgeries and operations. Of course, I think I’ll stick with journalism for the moment and just continue to watch it on TV. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below!

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