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‘Supergirl’ recap: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Danvers’ Thanksgiving

Supergirl recap: Season 4, Episode 6, “Call to Action” Aired November 18, 2018.

Superfans, that was the most depressing episode of Supergirl I have ever seen. Happy Thanksgiving to us, right? Let’s unload the Do’s and Don’ts of a Danver’s Thanksgiving shall we?

1. Don’t train dogs to be xenophobes.

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This Thanksgiving brings you xenophobes, dogs, and dragons. Sounds great, right? No. We open to the Agent of Liberty using dogs to sniff out and attack unsuspecting aliens. A couple were walking the street and got attacked by these dogs and the Agents.

  • Manchester Black shows up.
  • He and Supergirl fight them off.
  • They find Liberty’s printed manifesto filled with hate speech.

Really? As if the agents weren’t bad enough, they attack people the day before Thanksgiving. Supergirl and her team now have to try to see what they can pull from the manifesto.

2. Don’t sign up to be in league with the bad guy, James.


James decides he should meet with the Agents instead of denouncing them. Lena and everyone else think it’s a terrible idea. So, of course James goes to meet them. Why listen to a bunch of people who care about you? Instead just go the day before a holiday and help them mark people’s houses to attack.

One of the biggest don’ts for this holiday season is, don’t do anything James has done this entire season. Okay? Cool.

3. Do invite Nia and Brainy to all holiday parties!


Can we all just agree that everything Brainy says is amazing? Agreed? Awesome. Brainy arrives at Thanksgiving. Que the cutest interactions ever.

  1. Nia opens the door to Brainy holding flowers. He tells her they are for Kara.
  2. He gives them to Kara and informs her they aren’t real.
  3. Nia tries to flirt with Brainy and he does not pick up on it.

Nia and Brainy’s courtship is the cutest thing ever. My only concern is why Nia keeps falling asleep? We all know it isn’t narcolepsy. Girl, who you trying to kid?

4. Do have Supergirl fight a dragon!


Supergirl fights a dragon. No that is all. No more description needed. To quote Alex,

“This is what I get for making a Harry Potter reference.”

Just when you think you can’t love Alex and Kara anymore they talk about Harry Potter. My heart is so full of love for these sisters. Who wins against the dragon? No one. Turns out the dragon was just a pet protecting a little girl’s family from the Agents.

With the help of Manchester Black, Brainy, and Alex Supergirl was able to thwart the Agents of Liberty.

5. Do appreciate your loved ones.

This week’s episode was filled with hate, love, and everything in between. James is getting closer to isolation. Lena and James’ relationship is on a downward spiral. Nia is lying to her friends. Manchester Black is funneling towards bad guy territory.

What is the silver lining? No matter what they all have each other’s backs. Manchester protects Supergirl. J’onn and Alex watch over everyone. Brainy continues to bond with the team. Lena protects humanity. This family isn’t perfect, but they are family nonetheless.

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