5 Questions ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ left us with

Will these cases remain unsolved?

It’s almost been a month since the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix, and to say the show has bewitched audiences would be an understatement.

With a Christmas special (“A Midwinter’s Tale”) arriving December 14th, and a second season sometime later, it’s safe to say we have a lot to look forward to, but there’s also a lot to look back on. By the end of the first season, there were a lot of questions left unanswered that still have me scratching my head.

Instead of staring forlornly out my window and pondering what these mysteries may mean, I decided to make a list of the things I’m most excited to see answered and share with all of you.

1. What really happened to Edward and Diana Spellman?

This question has been haunting me since the first episode when the Weird Sisters implied the tragic accident that left Sabrina an orphan wasn’t an accident at all. Hilda and Zelda certainly act like they know more than they’re letting on when Sabrina brings this up, which begs the question, what really happened and who all knows?

There’s so much we don’t know about Edward and Diana Spellman – including what Diana meant when she told Sabrina that someone took her baby away after their Baptism, during Sabrina’s trip to Limbo. This comment, and Sabrina’s vision in the first episode that showed the Spellmans with two babies, have left some wondering if Sabrina may have a twin. As wonderfully weird as this show is, it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to pull a twist like that.

2. What happened to Connor?

Another mystery brought to life in the first episode – while prepping a recently murdered man for his funeral in the embalming room, Ambrose uncovers a Witch’s Mark on the body, leading him into a quiet and home bound investigation into the boy, Connor, who was a witch raised by mortals.

Ambrose first suspects Witch Hunters, and poked around as best he can under house arrest. The mystery falls into the background shortly after he meets Luke, a warlock who was friends with Connor, and the two begin to date. By the season finale, we still have no idea who killed Connor – or why.

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3. Who is Doctor Cerebeus?

Throughout the show, we see Sabrina and her friends chilling at Doctor Cerebeus’ – a bookstore slash coffee shop that Hilda eventually works at after her excommunication from the Church of Night.

Doctor Cerebeus is a charming and good natured man, offering jobs to several characters within the first season, including Harvey Kinkle, but gets somewhat of a bad rep due to dressing as Dracula to work everyday.

At the end of the season finale, we see Doctor Cerebeus walking Hilda home once the Thirteen Witches have been defeated, and eventually sharing a kiss on the steps of the house. Just as all our hearts sing – god knows Hilda needs something good in her life – Cerebeus turns to the camera as he heads off into the night, his eyes glowing.

What could it mean? Is he a demon? Actually a vampire? Time can only tell…

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4. Why is the Dark Lord Grooming Sabrina?

Throughout the season, we see Madame Satan and Father Blackwood’s attempts to get Sabrina to sign her name in the Book of the Beast, failing repeatedly until the season finale when Madame Satan quietly manipulates Sabrina into signing to save Greendale from the Thirteen Witches.

It’s revealed that the Dark Lord is grooming Sabrina to be his-girl-friday, with Madame Satan assuming this is so she can pop off to become Queen of Hell, while Sabrina takes her place as designated errand girl, but Madame Satan’s familiar isn’t so convinced, and believes he’s actually grooming Sabrina to be the Queen of Hell!

Is it true? Who knows. But it begs the question – why Sabrina? Why not one of the Weird Sisters, or any other witch or warlock at the Academy of Unseen Arts? Why is the Dark Lord so obsessed with Sabrina, and her joining him?

5. Why is Sabrina with the Weird Sisters?

Look, I like the weird frenemy thing Prudence and Sabrina develop as the first season went on, but I still find it… odd that Sabrina is now buddy buddy with them, especially since it was revealed that two of them caused the mine collapse that killed Tommy Kinkle. Oh, and there’s the fact that Sabrina slit one of their throats just the other day…

High school, right?

So color me – and a highly concerned Nicholas Scratch – surprised at the show’s final scene, when Sabrina strolls up at the Academy, hand in hand with the Weird Sisters. Something has definitely changed in our favorite teenage witch, and she certainly doesn’t seem to be angsting over it as much as her goodbye with Harvey would suggest…

Unless there’s more to it than it seems? It wouldn’t surprise me if Sabrina is still a witch on a mission to take down the devil himself, and is working with the Weird Sisters for reasons we don’t yet know.

Hopefully the Christmas special will shed some light on some of our questions, but either way, I can’t wait!

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Season 1 of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is streaming now on Netflix!


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