‘Manifest’ 1×08 recap: “Point of No Return” ft. Ben in glasses

Manifest recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “Point of No Return,” aired Nov. 19, 2018.

I would like to start off by saying: Grace can get the heck out of here. Also, it’s pretty dang clear that Ben Stone wearing those glasses is a fan favorite, and we have to agree with that. Whole-heartedly. I am kind of digging Vance teaming up with Ben and Michaela because it’s just so unexpectd…and illegal. But there’s a lot of illegal stuff going on, so we’ll just ignore that for a moment. Let’s dig in.


Sh** just got so real in this episode. While Grace is at the store for makeup and whatnot, she runs into Lourdes. Low and behold, Lourdes has some fertility tests in her basket. Grace congratulates her, and Lourdes tells her that once she was on the ground with her master’s degree, that they would start trying. Well, there you have it, you guys. Of course, Grace couldn’t just let it go. NOOO. That would have been too hard for Grace to mind her own business. She couldn’t just keep her mouth shut. You guys, I really don’t like her — I can’t even pretend.

Grace tells Michaela that Lourdes and Jared are starting a family and that she just wants Michaela to find her own happiness. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like that was Grace’s news to tell. It should have been Lourdes’s or Jared’s information to share…given that Lourdes is actually, in fact, pregnant. Michaela is now fearful that she may be the result of Jared’s possible demise, and she doesn’t want that to happen, especially when he’s trying to start a family. She vows to stay away from him — forever proving that Michaela is a selfless person who wants to keep those she cares about safe. I love Michaela.

Date night, great night

Woooooo, date night! Great night!!! Ben and Grace are attempting to make their marriage normal again. After all, Olive divulged that they used to have date nights once a week when they were kids. I am not for this date night, but who am I to decide? Ben ends up being late to date night because he’s doing some illegal work things. You know, the usual excuse for your significant other being late. Don’t quesiton it, just go with the flow because he’s trying to save other passengers.

Don’t lose him. LOSE WHO!?

Michaela’s latest calling was “don’t lose him.” At first, she assumes it’s in reference to the man from the flight that is attempting to take his own life. When she arrives at the scene, she tries to talk him out of it, that she understands what he’s going through and she can help. Unfortunately, he believes he’s the cause for some deaths and jumps off the building. Well, that was all kinds of sad to watch unfold. Honestly, can I have a moment when something happy happens to our main characters? Would it help if I said please and thank you?

Michaela tells Ben that she keeps falling the callings, and it’s really taking a toll on her. I’ll say this again, but Michaela deserves some happiness. She does. It’s then that she realizes that maybe the calling is that she can’t lose those she cares about because the man who jumped, all those he confided in about the voices in his head, ended up dead. What the heck is going on? This is just insane. I’m going to need some answers real soon here.

Madeline’s musings

  • That flip phone though.
  • I never liked putting chips in my sandwich.
  • Again, Ben in those glasses. Fangirls and fanboys swoon across the world.
  • What Ben and Vance are doing is all kinds of illegal. Maybe I should loan them an ethics book I have from college. They could take notes.
  • The Olive and Cal scenes were really cute, and I hope we get some more of those along the way.
  • I’m now going to say “date night, great night!” forever.
  • I’m warming up to Jared, but I still think what Lourdes and he did to Michaela is shady.
  • You know who else is shady? Grace.

Next week is the fall finale, and then we go on hiatus. I am not ready for that. Plus, the fall finale looks all kinds of crazy, so be prepared for that. What moment from this episode was your favorite? Sign off below or tweet us!

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