‘The Good Doctor’ 2×07: Best moments from “Hubert”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 2, Episode 7, “Hubert,” aired Nov. 12, 2018.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s The Good Doctor? No worries — brush up on last week’s episode with our thoughts from the episode. Let me just wipe the tears away from my eyes enough to write this recap. This episode was filled with pets, emotional reunions with a friend and a brotherly fight. Let’s dig in.

Finding Hubert

Shaun and Lea are on the hunt for their first pet together. After checking out some super cute puppies, cats and a snake, they decide to go the simple route. They end up buying a fish, which they name Hubert. I totally would have adopted all of those puppies if I were them…Lea was literally me in a pet shop when there are dogs. They’re just the cutest things ever. When Shaun’s at work, she calls him to let him know that Hubert is bored. Admit it, we’ve all been there where we think our pet is bored. They may just be pets, but sometimes they DO look pretty bored. All though, I would totally love to just sleep all day and eat food. Pets have THE LIFE.

Eventually, Hubert meets his demise, and it upsets Lea because lately, she feels like she’s failing at life. Shaun runs some tests on the fish. He tells Lea they are getting a new pet, despite her wishes. When the pet salesman dude tells them it’s not his problem Hubert died, Shaun whips out the documentation showing that the fish was defective. Sometimes being a resident comes in handy when you’re trying to buy a new pet…

Dating your college roommate’s hubby

This storyline was both emotional and kind of awkward. Claire went to visit her college roommate who is in her fourth stage of ovarian cancer. Claire recommends her to come to her hospital to see if they can extend her lifespan, bringing it to the attention of Melendez. They end up successfully completing the surgery and adding on some more time to Kay’s life. Thank goodness for that. And can I just say yay for Claire and Melendez working together again? YAY.

The awkward part was Kay wanting to play matchmaker with her husband, Dash, and Claire. Yeah…Kay tells Claire that when she dies, she wants Claire and Dash to give it a go. She wants to know her husband is okay, and she thinks Claire would be the perfect woman to ensure he goes on without her. Claire quickly disagrees with the plan because, well, it’s just plain weird. Dash does too, but they both appease Kay by going on a date together. Have I mentioned how awkward it was? Well, it was AWKWARD. Before Kay’s surgery, Claire blows up at her, telling her she’s crazy and has to always be in control of others. My heart hurt during that scene, and I was hoping that Kay was okay after the surgery for both of their sakes.

However, I did enjoy seeing Claire outside the hospital. It was refreshing to see the other people who are a part of her life. Also, she’s the best.


Shaun and Morgan are once again tasked together to heal a man hurt on the job. A man who has a very stubborn brother. Turns out, both men are equally stubborn, and the brother of Santiago is itching for him to sell him the business their father gifted the patient. In fact, he tells Santi he will only give him his kidney if he sells to him. Low blow, man, low blow. Eventually, they both come around and the brother does give him his kidney. If he needs another kidney, he’s totally asking for a big paycheck. Ah, typical brothers…

More thoughts

  • Glassman playing with the yo-yo was just great.
  • I actually am liking Morgan and Shaun working together. She’s annoying me less and less each episode.
  • Adding to that, I also like Claire and Park teaming up.
  • I loved seeing the outside life of some of our residents this episode. More of that, please.
  • Melendez, just let Claire be on your team, dude.

Fear not, the show is on tomorrow. I am readying my tissues now because you know more than anything that I will need some. What were your favorite moments from the episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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