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‘Pure Murders and Mysteries’ podcast: “Episode 7: The Secret Society of Bohemian Grove”

The nefarious theories surrounding the super-secret, men's club that parties in the Redwoods every summer

Pure Murders and Mysteries podcast: Episode 7, “Bohemian Grove”

This week, we’re tackling the super-secret society of Bohemian Grove. Set amongst the Redwoods every summer, some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men gather for two weeks of carefree partying and decades-old rituals.

But thanks to its secretive nature, the society had been riddled with conspiracy theories linking it to murder, the occult, prostitution, and illegal logging (just to name a few).

Notable political members of the club have been the Bush’s, Ronald Reagan, Nixon, and Kissinger. But if you’re hoping to become a member yourself, you’ll need $25,00 up front and a lot of patience, because the waiting list is decades long.

Brad, Lindi, and Jasmine discuss the follow in “Bohemian Grove”:

  • The truth and origin of Bohemian Grove
  • Some of the group’s most notable members
  • The controversial opening ceremony—the Cremation of Care
  • The conspiracies about murder, the occult, and illegal logging that plague the society
  • A discussion on what really goes on there

Listen to Episode 7:


If you’re looking for more context on the reports of the people who have infiltrated Bohemian Grove’s summer encampment, head to the Washington Post (this also includes the Alex Jones video showing the Cremation of Care).

Laws of Silence breaks down the Cremation of Care, “Dull Care,” and the Moloch theory.

For a deep dive into the illegal logging claims, check out Alex Shoumatoff’s Vanity Fair piece.

You can find the CIA report we reference in the episode right here (pages 24 – 27 discuss prostitution).

Other notable sources were Ranker, Bohemian Grove Exposed, VICELibertarian Republic, American Free Press, and Gawker.

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Pure Murders and Mysteries

A true crime podcast all about the murders, gross injustices, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracies that send us down the rabbit hole. Hosted by Brad, Jasmine, and Lindi of Pure Fandom.

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