The truth about Credence is revealed in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’

Breaking down the huge reveal

OK SO. I have so many feelings about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and most of them center around the HUGE reveal that was dropped in the last ten minutes of the movie. This article is going to have major spoilers so proceed with caution!


Now that you have been forewarned, let’s discuss Credence. As I said in one of my previous articles, there was an illuminated family tree that showed that Leta and Credence were siblings. Not only that, but Credence was the long lost Corvus Lestrange Jr, her half-brother.  This is what was the premise the entire movie, and what I was sure was the truth. However, SURPRISE it’s not.

The death of Corvus Jr.

Leta reveals that on a trip to America, she switched out Corvus Jr. for another baby- Credence. In a twist of fate, the rowboat holding the real Corvus Jr. tips over and the baby is lost into the deep. Corvus Jr. dies in a watery grave, and Credence is sent off to live with Mrs. Barebone. If Credence is not Corvus Jr. as everyone (including me) thought, then who is he? Also, how is it that one wizard baby was switched out for another wizard baby?

The truth?

In the last scene of the movie, Grindlewald goes to talk to Credence, who left with him because of his intense desire to figure out who he was. Grindlewald reveals that the bird that Credence has been carrying with him, is in fact a freaking PHEONIX. Grindlewald tells Credence that phoenixes always appear to a Dumbledore in their time of need, because HE IS DUMBLEDORE’S BROTHER.


At this moment, I literally said wtf aloud in the theater. SO because I’m still freaking out about this, let’s break down this craziness. There are a few explanations for this huge plot twist, and a few problems.

Timeline issues

First there are some timeline issues.

Percival Dumbledore went to Azkaban after Ariana was attacked and died in 1890 inside Azkaban. Kendra Dumbledore died in 1899 when Ariana lost control of her magic. Credence is said to be born in 1901 which is when the ship scene takes place, but his adoption certificate says 1904. Either way there is a HUGE gap between when Kendra and Percival were alive to have this secret brother. Let’s say that Kendra had an affair while her husband was away. The baby would be at the youngest, twenty-eight years old in 1927 when the movie takes place. This also means that baby Dumbledore would have had to been two on the ship. That baby did not look two. This means one of two things.


  1. There is another plot twist to explain this timeline craziness. Maybe Percival or Kendra didn’t really die, which would be a weird twist that makes no sense. Maybe Dumbledore was really adopted and has a secret family that Credence is also from, which is an even weirder twist that makes no sense.
  2. Grindlewald is lying to get Credence to kill Dumbledore

Think about it. If Grindlewald and Dumbledore can’t kill each other, who else is powerful enough to face the great Dumbledore? An obcsurial with intense power and an obsession with his family that abandoned him. This makes the most sense to me, PLUS can we really trust anything Grindlewald says? He has consistently lied to Credence to manipulate him and use him to his own ends. How would he have found out this information from prison anyway? If that is the case, who is Credence really? Another secret baby from a powerful family? Or maybe no one special at all. All I can say is I am very interested in seeing how this all pans out.

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