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20 Thoughts we had while watching ‘All American’, episode 1×05, “All We Got”

All American: Season 1, Episode 5, “All We Got,” Aired Nov. 14, 2018

Like me, I’m sure we went back and forth (and back again) deciding who Spencer’s father was. I still don’t know where I stand, or who I ship (except Coop and Patience), but this was a great episode of All American! Here are our thoughts during the episode:

#1 It’s Spencer’s birthday, who doesn’t love birthdays?

#2 Layla and Spencer are super cute… I don’t know who I’m supposed to ship here.

#3 Spencer is your brother Olivia, don’t deny it.

#4 Coop doesn’t want to go out with her girlfriend for some reason?

#5 I just want Spencer to achieve his dreams, he’s the best.

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#6 I admit, the lack of confirmation on who is Spencer’s father is frustrating.

#7 Asher and Layla are also cute… I really don’t know who to ship.

#8 Oh… so Coach has been sending money to his father, not Grace.

#9 I’m confused, who’s the baby-daddy, and what is Coach hiding?

#10 Let Jordan investigate, Olivia.

#11 LOL they aren’t the worst detectives, I bought it.

#12 Something is still going on with Coach and Grace.

#13 I’m #TeamSpencer!

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#14 His dad wasn’t at the football game… aw.

#15 Coop and Patience are THE ship.

#16 I guess it’s official that Coach is not Spencer’s father… I did I complete 180 on that one.

#17 Yes! Coop and Patience walking down the street hand-in-hand!

#18 Layla’s dad has a new girlfriend.

#19 So, Willie doesn’t like that Coach’s wife is white.


Did you have any other thoughts watching All American? Let us know in the comments!

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