‘The Resident’ GIF-post: Every relationship described by funny GIFs

The Resident has a ton of relationships. I mean, a ton. Between romantic and platonic, we’re drowning in amazing ships that make our hearts full. So, to make up for the lack of a new episode this week here’s a GIF-post describing every single relationship from The Resident!

Conrad and Nic aka CoNic

They’re end game. They’ve been through so much and fans are here to watch them battle the healthcare industry together.

Bell and Hunter, the psycho couple

It seems Lane’s solution to problems is getting rid of someone. Bell’s HODAD, but at least he didn’t commit straight up homicide. That’s his lady love’s forte.

Bell and Voss (?)

Are they being prepped for a relationship? I hope not. Dr. Voss can do so much better.

Feldman, Moore, and their handcuffs

Sure Nurse Jessica, it’s totally normal to whip out a pair of handcuffs. You never know when you’re going to pull a citizen’s arrest, right?

Mina and Micah sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Bless. They’re so precious and pure. M&M deserve the world. They do so much for their community whether it’s helping out the uninsured or teaching children.

Mina and Austin, a tale of unrequited love

Mina will be the first of her line and AJ Austin is itching to help her create that line. Too bad his ego cramps her style.

Devon and Priya, the world’s most adorable couple

The term “too good to be true” comes to mind. It was all flowers and puppies until Priya left the watch. Now, we’re unsure. The wedding is soon, so y’all better figure it out. *cough* Devon. *cough*

Devon and Julian or Marilyn and Jack

”It’s getting hot in here… so take off all your clothes” seems to be Julian’s mantra in life. I mean, she straight up seemed like a home wrecker. The slow dancing, the glances, the sudden close “friendship” where you check for wrinkles on a skin tight dress. They may not be as earth shattering as Marilyn and JFK, but their kiss definitely caused some drama.

Nic and Jude, the most annoying couple ever

This was cringe worthy. Everyone knew CoNic still had feelings for each other. Yet, Jude jumped for it and for 2 seconds CoNic was JuNic. It was weird and not appreciated. Thank goodness CoNic is back. Now, let’s get into the friendships!

Mina + Conrad + Nic = Chastain’s only hope

They’re basically the dream team.

Devon + Conrad + Nic = rockstars

The other dream team because really this hospital has some A1 residents and nurses.

Nic and Mina, the Empresses of Chastain

Without these two, Chastain wouldn’t be able to function. They’re girl bosses and they know it.

Conrad and Feldman aka two bros who are pros

They’re secret bromancers. They have way too much fun messing with Devon.

Conrad and Jude: “Et tu, Brute”

Military bros have a special bond. Until you try to steal someone’s girl. Then it’s just awkward.

Devon and Mina, sweet meets fierce

We don’t see them interact as friends too often, but it was fun to watch them use scooters to get to work.

Devon and Feldman, masters of triage

They’ve got the ER on lock!

The Resident truly has some inspiring relationships that give so much life to the show. We’ve seen these characters struggle, band together, and succeed. They show fans that you can be an underdog and still make a lot of noise to benefit those around you.

Check out our The Resident recaps and follow us on Twitter, @Pure_Fandom and @SuryaCherian. The Resident is back on Monday, so we’ll see y’all soon.


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