The most shocking moments in Netflix’s ‘Bodyguard’

Here's six times our jaws dropped while watching!

Netflix’s Bodyguard series starring Richard Madden is one of tv’s best thrillers of this year! Madden’s David Budd is assigned as bodyguard to Home Secretary Julia Montague, a strong, divisive political figure, who becomes a target of terrorism. Budd has to figure out who’s behind the attacks before it’s too late.

The show has got everyone talking, and here’s six moments that really shocked and surprised us as we watched!

Spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you haven’t watched yet!

#1 The assassination attempt on Julia in the car, 1×02


One moment, Budd and Julia are talking about the attack on Budd’s kids’ school, and the next, the driver’s dead, Julia’s covered in his blood, and they’re still getting shot at. We get to see Budd in action protecting Julia, and after he tracks the shots to the roof of a nearby building, he discovers the shooter is his friend, veteran Andy Apsted.

#2 Budd and Julia hookup, 1×02


It seems at the beginning that the show is setting up for David and wife Vicky to get back together. But instead, shortly after starting his job as her bodyguard, David starts hooking up with his charge, Julia Montague. Does he really have feelings for her, or is it a manipulation?

#3 Julia Montague’s death, 1×04


At this point, it’s clear David really cares for Julia. When she’s on stage giving a speech about counter-terrorism, David investigates the appearance of Tahir outside, but it all checks out. Despite that, when Tahir comes on stage to deliver Julia’s briefcase, he unknowingly sets off a bomb. Tahir is killed, and after being rushed into surgery, Julia dies as well.

#4 Budd’s reaction to the loss, 1×04


David definitely blames himself for Julia’s death. After he finds out, he goes to his flat, takes out his gun, and tries to commit suicide. Thankfully, he survives, and discovers that someone broke into his flat and switched his bullets out with blanks. David, it’s not your fault, and we need you to figure out who’s responsible!

#5 Budd waking up with a bomb strapped to him, 1×06


Eventually, David connects what’s happening with Chanel, who used to work for Julia until she got fired. Chanel’s been working with Luke Aitkins, a man heavily involved in organized crime. He’s also the person who set up the assassination attempt on Julia in episode two. However, when David goes to confront him, Luke’s men knock him out and leave him somewhere with a bomb vest strapped on and his hand taped to the button. Turns out, Aitkins has been planning on framing Budd for everything this whole time…

#6 Budd getting help for his PTSD, 1×06


“I need some help.”

Budd manages to convince the police force that he’s not behind the bombing, and they uncover the mole within the government who was working with Aitkins. Afterwards, David finally accepts what the people around him have been telling him for a while: He needs help. David then voluntarily goes to therapy for his PTSD. The show has been applauded for this part, and hopefully it will encourage more veterans to go out and get the help they need with their mental health.

With such intense action and mystery, Bodyguard is an amazing thriller, and thankfully it’s already been renewed for a second season. Richard Madden said that he’s meeting with Jed Mercurio, the show’s creator, so hopefully David Budd will be back to saving lives soon!

Bodyguard is available to watch on Netflix right now!

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