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Legacies 1×04: A major first kiss, plus the nastiest monster yet

There's more than a Mystic Falls cheerleader tangled in this monster's web.

Legacies recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Hope is Note the Goal”, Aired Nov. 16, 2018

OK fans, what are we thinking of Legacies so far? We’re four episodes in, and I’m going to stick with my initial assessment. While I love the storylines, mystery (i.e. Landon), I can’t help but think the monster-of-the-week is my least favorite part of the episode. I love what the “monster” catapults the rest of the characters into (read: that ROSIE kiss!), but it feels hokier than what I’m used to for the TVDU.

With that said, I always give a new series at LEAST five episodes before judging. Everything else about the series is hilarious and hits all the right notes: Alaric’s non-verbal reactions to the students, Lizzie’s comedic timing, the teenaged angst and FEELS.

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Let’s break down the five best moments of the episode.


We knew the show was setting up chemistry between these two, but holy smokes does their chemistry WORK. When these lovebirds were stuck in the spider web and kissed, the heat was hotter than the realm of hell Kai’s currently taken residence. I loved the little moment between Raf and Hope during the dragon episode, but that was nothing compared to the locked-lips of Rosie.

Potential problems: Lizzie is crushing hard on Raf, so obviously this will cause a riff between Josie and Lizzie. Plus, Penelope has been out of the picture for a while… you know that once she sees Josie is happy with someone else she’ll stick her nose in and plant a bad-girl bomb.

Lizzie Saltzman

She’s totally the Caroline of the series, and I’m here for it. I love her and M.G., but honestly this girl shines on her own. She has a heart of gold, but her emotions tend to spiral her into unfortunate situations. My heart goes out to her, because we’ve all dealt with the pain she feels. With every episode she grows a little, and I love that.

Hope + Alaric

I love that Alaric told his girls that he treats Hope differently because she’s grown up way, way, way too fast, experiencing things that even adults shouldn’t have to. I was starting to feel like Hope’s life experiences were too mature for this show, because sometimes she feels too much like an outsider. But, the other students are actually helping to ground her. The Originals was a much, much more adult-focused show, and that’s the world Hope grew up in. She’s realizing that the world isn’t full of “Hollows”, and there’s some good to cling on to.


Keep him comin’, Plec. The more Matty the better. #BabyBlues

Frustration: Landon

How long are we going to put off what Landon is?! With all of these monsters, we’re unable to focus on WTF he is. I’m really hoping the reveal is somehow tied to a big TVDU piece of mythology. We know he’s probably tied to the “knife” somehow, which may launch an even bigger storyline. Remember in TVD season 1 we didn’t even know Klaus? Now, he’s one of the most beloved characters of the universe. Who knows what new delight Legacies will bring?

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Wishes for next week:

More Pedro, please.

Like, even a little clue on Landon?


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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST on The CW

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