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‘Black Lightning’ 2×05: Top 4 moments from “Requiem”

Have we lost Gambi for good?

Black Lightning 2×05 recap: Season 2, Episode 5, “The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem”, Aired Nov. 13, 2018

After a weeks break from Black Lightning, it is finally back this week – much to our delight!

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments:

#1 Anissa volunteering at the health clinic

Anissa meets with Reverand Holt at the Freeland health clinic, where he admits that the clinic may struggle to sty open without the staff. After the bomb scare, many staff members handed in their notice as they were terrified for their lives. This is completely understandable, as I don’t think many people would risk going back to work after it was targetted. However, Reverand Hold refuses to close the clinic, even if he has very low staff members. Without this clinic, many people of Freeland won’t be able to get access to health care, so it’s important that the clinic never closes. Much to Reverand Holt’s surprise, Anissa agrees to volunteer to help him and the people of Freeland out. Isn’t Anissa just the best?

P.S. how great did Anissa look playing doctor? Her mom would be so proud if she saw her!

#2 Gambi being attacked

We see Gambi buying some fruit from a street vendor, and all seems well. Or, so we think … Gambi is driving back home and stops at a red light. As he is waiting for it to turn green, another car drives up next to him and starts shooting at him. Woah, what the heck os going on?? Gambi freaks out and speeds off, trying to loose them. However, the car chase sadly ends with Gambi crashing his car, and it erupting in flames. Omg, NO! What does this mean? Is Gambi dead?

Henderson delivers the bad news to Jefferson, and he just cannot handle that Gambi could really be gone. He believes until he sees proof with his own eyes, he won’t believe he is dead. To be honest, he has a point. I wouldn’t believe Gambi is dead until I had real evidence to show that was definitely the case. Henderson reveals there was no eye witnesses that saw anyone escaping the fire, so the likelihood of someone actually surviving it is slim. Jefferson is still adament that until he knows for sure, he will believe Gambi is still alive.

I actually agree with Jefferson. I feel like Gambi will have narrowly escaped and will return in a few episodes time. Anyone agree with me? I’m also really curious to who the heck ordered Gambi to be killed. Was it Tobias? Or someone at the A.S.A.? Let me know your thoughts.

#3 Lynn finding a cure for the Green Light pod kids

Lynn’s hard work starts to pay off as she finally can say that she has found a cure for the pod children. But unfortunately, there is only a 50% success rate, so Lynn feels that she cannot use this cure until she finds a way to make the success rate as close to 100% as she possible can. As a scientist and doctor, the main goal is to save peoples lives, so I don’t think any good one would want to risk letting half of their patients die without exploring other options first. Lynn is set in her ways, and refuses to use it.

Later Dr. Jace comes up with a way to increase the success rate and urges Lynn to use her plan. Lynn is ecstatic and agrees with Dr. Jace to go ahead with it. However, as the time comes to inject the patients with the cure, Lynn doesn’t double check the plan and believes they are still going ahead with the new plan. Dr. Jace tricks Lynn and actually doesn’t change a thing, so when they administer the cure, some of the pod children start dying. Lynn freaks out and doesn’t understand what is going on, until Dr. Jace admits shes now just killed 14 pod children. OMG! That psycho doesn’t deserve to be out jail!

What is going to happen now that half of the patients are dead? Can Lynn live with herself for letting Dr. Jace betray her?

#4 Anissa and Grace reuniting

Oh my hotness! How great was the scene with Anissa and Grace reuniting their love again? Anissa has some moves that I don’t think many could turn down, so I’m not surprised that Grace jumped back into bed with Anissa again. Although, it wasn’t all happiness as the next morning, Grace admits that it was a mistake and they shouldn’t get back together again. I see Grace’s point though, as she asks Anissa if she can promise she won’t hurt her again, and sadly she can’t. So Grace gets annoyed and says whenever Anissa is feeling vulnerable she can’t just turn up at her house and expect her to just sleep with her. Fair play! Anissa is a player and needs telling! However, I do believe that Anissa really does love Grace, so lets hope she can prove her loyalty and win Grace back for good.

Important note: Is that the start of Grace’s powers showing up? I think it might just be! Won’t it be great once both know that each other have superpowers and they can carry on their superhuman love story? Yes, yes, and YES!

Other important scenes to discuss:

  • What was with that dude at the clinic? He seemed so shifty when his pregnant girlfriend was in getting a check-up. Then later he collapses in the clinic and dies. Even more importantly, metallic stuff oozes out his sores on his skin. Um, WTF is happening?
  • Again, another weird incidence happens at the end of the episode … We see Anissa getting pulled over by a police officer and he acts like a classic racist. However, other weird sh*t happens and Anissa is like, “Hell NO!” and gets the heck out of there. So what was with his face? It looked like there was something crawling under his skin. It also looked like something was circling her car. Hmm, so it sounds like there must be another meta-human in town causing trouble? Or maybe more experiments are taking place?
  • Khalil offers his condolences to Jennifer once he hears that her uncle died. Jennifer is staying strong and knows that she shouldn’t be talking with him after everything he is done. But I know she still has a soft spot for him. I can’t decide whether or not he should be forgiven. I think if Khalil stands up to Tobias and tries bring him down, then Khalil can be forgiven.

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