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‘Arrow’ recap: 7×05 “The Demon”

Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 5, “The Demon,” Aired Nov. 12, 2018

I felt everyones containment this episode. Whether they contained themselves, or were contained by others, a bust was bound to happen.

Remember coloring books? I think that secretly, the coloring books with the pretty outlines of unicorns and sunflowers actually want to be scribbled all over in every possible shade of Crayon. That, in doing so, a scolding presence will tell them to “try to stay inside the lines this time.” Thusly, forcing you to color another page. But there’s always the other possibility, there’s the proud mom that puts her kids artwork on the fridge, no matter what it looks like. You’re either a scolder or a fridge mom.

Looks like the characters of Arrow have to decide what they want to be, or if anything is ever that simple.

Our kicked puppy continued to be kicked

Ah, the sweet scent of Slabside. Looks like Talia Al Ghul is The Demon. When she shows up in Oliver’s Level Two cell, we all wore our very convincing shocked face. Well, maybe mine wasn’t so convincing. Come on, Ras Al Ghul was The Demon, are we supposed to be super-duper surprised when The Demon of Slabside turns out to be his daughter?

Anyway, Talia gives us the run-down of how she survived Lian Yu. Apparently, she needed a drug after her nerve damage and went to Diaz for help. In exchange, she facilitated the attack on Oliver. She also wants his help to get out of this brain-washing hell hole, and Oliver tells her where to stick it. He maintains that stance for like 5 seconds until he sees what they are doing to the prisoners in here.

Dr. Parker is quite the bad guy. He ruminates in his endless supply of test subjects, and he decides that a life is not worth saving if they have a propensity for violence. Yuck. Does he not realize that murder, even without using your fists, is a violent act? That erasing someones sense-of-self, is a violation? I have had enough of this dweeb.

Oliver’s new attitude on criminals is refreshing. Now, I don’t think Oliver has been apathetic towards criminals and murderes (because hello, look in the mirror bud) but there has always been an element of disconnect between “us” and “them.” The Oliver thats standing up for the lives of the prisoners (who have done some hardcore shady crap) is not an Oliver we are used to seeing.

After some pretty badass fight scenes, like woah that was cool as all heck, Oliver tells Talia to escape with the flash drive of what Dr. Parker is doing and give it to Felicity.

Team Felicity

I am forever going to be on the side that Black Siren shouldn’t be redeemed for a number of reasons, but if they have to continue with her redemption story line, thank god it isn’t eye-roll inducing. Listen, as long as Black Siren is the Christina to Felicity’s Meredith, I’m a happy camper.

One of the failures of Arrow is the utter lack of female friendships. Isn’t it sad that we have to cheer and commend Arrow for actually putting three women in a scene together with no men in the room?

Together, Black Siren, Dinah, and Felicity get Dr. Parker’s operation shut down and actually might have a shot of getting Oliver’s conviction over turned.

Also, Black Siren asked Felicity out on a friend-date and it was super cute.

Stan is the Man

When Felicity is denied visitation with her husband, Stan swoops in and saves the day. He’s so cute, all he wants to do is help. He gives her the 4-1-1 on where Oliver is, and she gives him a message for Oliver (which is basically that she has a lead on Diaz).

Please don’t die, Stan!

Dear Diggle and Curtis,

The CW

Warning: This is about to become a very ranty recap!

Diggle: I’ll just say this, why are you not helping Felicity get Oliver out of prison? Why are you not helping with Diaz? Why does Felicity have to beg for help everywhere she turns? You need to get your priorities in order, son. I know why you didn’t want to put on the hood, but the very least you can do is help Felicity in what ever she needs. Guess who’s doing that? Black Siren of all people.

Curtis: If you bring up your divorce one more time, I am going to reach through my television screen and slap you across the face. Can you please for the love of god acknowledge that, no, it was not the team’s fault that your husband left you. It’s not Oliver’s either. Paul told you what he needed, and you couldn’t give it to him. Stop blaming everyone for your marriage. Honestly, if you wanted to fight for your husband, you would have. But you didn’t.

When did you learn six languages and get fourteen PhDs? It takes years to just get one, correct? And you’re in your early thirties? Sigh.

Lastly, are we seriously going to compare your trauma (i.e., Oliver going to prison, getting a divorce, getting your ass kicked by Diaz) to that of a war hero? We are? Okay, just let me know in advance next time so I can go scream into the void.

P.S: I say it all with love

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