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37 Thoughts We Had During ‘Riverdale’ 3×05, “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape”

G&G is taking things to the next level.

Riverdale, Season 3, Episode 05, “Chapter Forty: The Great Escape,” Aired Nov. 14, 2018 

This episode was a LOT. It had a fight club, a kiss of betrayal, a wacked out crazy G&G obsessed Jughead and so much more. This episode was also told with a very cool parallel between the real life events and the game play of G&G. What’s creepy about all of it is that Jughead is right, the game is kinda real. Someone has taken G&G off board and is using the residents of Riverdale as their pawns.

Here are 37 thoughts we had while watching Riverdale 3×05:

1. Ooooo, Juggie narrating his G&G game over Archie’s real life jail drama is actually really frickin’ cool. (Side note: Is Jughead still righting a novel? He should probs get back on that.)

2. Archie getting super protective over Joaquin is even more interesting now that we’ve seen the trailer! (Yes, we will ship everyone with everyone because it’s more fun that way!)

3. Betty Cooper is spilling the Midnight Club tea to Juggie, but Juggie is cracked out on G&G. Like dude is GONE.

4. Crazy G&G Jughead is way more fun than Serpent King Jughead.

5. We don’t know what’ more ridiculous. Hiram walking in to chat with Veronica like they are BFF’s or Veronica sitting at the table reading the paper, drinking out of a gold rimmed tea cup. In high school we were chugging Mountain Dew, laying our bedroom floor in the morning.

6. Um, WTF is the Warden doing? Is he branding Archie? How is that a thing? WHAT IS THIS SHOW?!

7. Betty is forever running around accusing her friends parents of murder. People don’t even get mad anymore.

8. “Thank you for mansplaining my business to me.” – Veronica (we love her)

9. Sweet Pea can’t f*ck with Cheryl Blossom and her mad archery sills.

The CW

10. Seriously, Jughead feels more like a leader in G&G than he ever has as the Serpent King.

11. Okay, now we really need to hear FP’s version of the Midnight Club. Give us the flashback episode from his perspective!

12. Kevin and Josie are not at all smooth when it comes to grilling their parentals.

13. “I’d recognize those abs anywhere.” – Same Veronica, same.

14. Instead of talking or escaping, Archie and Veronica are gonna bone, huh?

15. Oh, yep. There they go.

16. Okay, the problem isn’t how Archie will get out of jail, it’s what he will do when he does escape. He can’t really just slip back into his normal life.

17. Aw, Reggie’s Dad hit him? Not cool. Reggie is not the f*ck boy we thought him to be. We need more of his story.

18. Betty is going to b*tch slap Jughead.

19. Wait, WTF. Is the Warden feeding Archie because he’s going to kill him – like REALLY kill him? Riverdale is bonkers.

The CW

20. “He’s always watching.” – Warden (He didn’t say God, so we are going to assume that he either means Satan or the Gargoyle King- or both. #CAOSCrossover!).

21. We love the parallels between the G&G game and what’s actually happening in this episode. What a cool way to tell this story.

22. Well holy crap. Juggie’s quest is actually happening to Archie. And Joaquin is into G&G too!

23. The Judas kiss! Joaquin’s cute kiss was actually just a good ol’ fashioned kiss of death before Joaquin stabs Archie. Rude.

24. Reggie and Veronica make such a fun team. We love their frenemyship.

The CW

25. Kevin shaking his head after the guard waves him in is proof that Kevin is actually us and we are Kevin. How low budget is that jail that they just let rando soda deliveries walk right in whenever?

26. It’s Mad Dog! Archie got shived and now he has to fight his former roomie. This poor dude.

27. How is Joaquin out? Screw that guy.

28. Ohhhhh, snap. Hiram is there! V is BUSTED.

29. Um, why are Mad Dog and Archie screaming the escape plan? It isn’t noise cancelling fog, fellas.

30. Ooooo, a forest chase! Also, when did Betty learn to ride a bike like that?

31. It wasn’t Archie and Betty, it was a decoy!

32. For real though, the connection between Jughead’s game and Archie’s escape is really interesting. Also, how does the Warden know it too?!

33. Another pact, this time it’s the kids. Idk, those Serpents seem a little shifty. Also, Reggie? We are including Reggie in this?

34. Poor Hermione. She needs to ditch the drama and run away to a tropical island – with Fred.

35. Sorry Kev, but we don’t care about Joaquin. #deadtous

36. Oh, no. Josie, Reggie and Kevin are going to play G&G. NOT. GOOD.

37. So. The Warden was given orders to kill Archie. And now he’s drinking cyanide. What is this show?

 What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

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